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2008.08.15 Updated Texas Tech Football Depth Chart

We're starting out with the offense and move to the defense on Sunday.

Offensive Line

Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Rylan Reed; 6-7/305; SR Louis Vasquez; 6-6/335; SR Stephen Hamby; 6-3/292; JR Brandon Carter; 6-7/354; JR Marlon Winn; 6-6/325; JR
Chris Olson; 6-5/285; SO
Mickey Okafor; 6-7/326; RS FR
Lonnie Edwards; 6-5/288;
FRJustin Keown; 6-4/290; SO
Shawn Byrnes; 6-4/295; JR Jake Johnson; 6-7/370; SR Mickey Okafor; 6-7/326; RS FR
Chris Olson; 6-5/285; SO
Omar Castillo; 6-6/282; FR Justin Keown; 6-4/290; SO
Lonnie Edwards; 6-5/288; FR
Blake Emert; 6-4/280; RS FR Landon Burge; 6-3/286; SO Joe King; 6-6/324; FR
Terry McDaniel; 6-7/330; FR Deveric Gallington; 6-4/347; FR - Deveric Gallington; 6-4/347; FR Dominique Delpeche; 6-6/363; RS FR
Adrian Archie/INJ; 6-5/315; SO - - - Jonathann Guerra; 6-3/265; FR

Thoughts: We know that Olson has replaced Okafor at left tackle and Matt Moore said that the move was permanent . . . Although Moore has only been the line coach for 1 season, I get the idea that he likes his left tackles as athletic as possible, which is why Okafor got the first crack at the position . . . Moore said that this was a case of Okafor just fitting better at right tackle, but I'd also tend to think that maybe Olson has that strength and athleticism that Reed currently has and can see Olson growing into that type of player . . . Also notice that Keown has been moved down the depth chart as heralded recruit Lonnie Edwards is taking over the left guard position . . .


X Receiver H Receiver Y Receiver Z Receiver
Edward Britton; 6-0/174; JR Eric Morris; 5-8/169; SR Detron Lewis; 6-0/209; SO Michael Crabtree; 6-3/214; SO
Todd Walker; 6-1/180; JR Adam James; 6-3/217; RS FR Tramain Swindall; 6-3/175; RS FR Lyle Leong; 6-1/165; SO
Rashad Hawk; 6-4/183; FR Blake Kelley; 5-11/180; JR Adrian Reese; 6-7/207; JR Landon Hoefer; 6-1/200; JR
Brik Brinker; 6-2/199; SO Cornelius Douglas; 5-9/180; FR Austin Zouzalik; 6-1/175; FR Jacoby Franks; 6-1/194; RS FR

No real change here other than Detron Lewis is going to steal quite a few of Mr. Crabtree's catches . . . With Eric Morris out with a slight hamstring injury, Adam James has apparently stepped in nicely and at 6-3/217, that quite a change of pace . . . Have heard rumblings of improved play of Rashad Hawk and Tramain Swindall moreso than last year and with Walker out with an injury, there's no reason that when we look at this before the season and Walker hasn't returned to form, Hawk should be moved up to the 2nd team X-receiver position . . .


Quarterback Running Back BH Receiver
Graham Harrell; 6-3/205; SR Shannon Woods; 5-11/194; SR
Aaron Crawford; 5-11/199; SO
Ryan Hale; 6-1/227; JR
Taylor Potts; 6-5; 218; SO Baron Batch; 5-11/200; RS SO Gerardo Acevedo; 6-1/203; SO
Steven Sheffield; 6-4/181; SO Aaron Crawford; 5-11/199; SO
Shannon Woods; 5-11/194; SR
Joe Capp; 5-10/222; SO
Stefan Loucks; 6-1/171; RS FR Harrison Jeffers; 5-9/210; FR -
Seth Doege; 6-2/207; FR Brandon Reid; 6-1/210; FR -

Thoughts: I added Gerardo Acevedo and Joe Capp as backups to the BH receiver as I seem to recall they were there in the spring, please correct if I'm wrong . . . There's not going to be much movement here except for the running back position or if there's an injury, this is perhaps the most static of the positions, although the latest news is that Woods' is asserting himself as the starter once again, let's hope that he keeps his head right with ball for the entire season . . . For some reason I had Sheffield at 218 pounds (on accident)  . . . I'd be suprprised if Sheffield weighed more that 175 . . . We still haven't heard anything on Doege moving up, but I tend to think that if there's one position that Leach favors experience, it's at quarterback . . .

Defensive Line

End Nose Tackle Tackle Rush End
Jake Ratliff; 6-7/255; SR Colby Whitlock; 6-2/285; SO Rajon Henley; 6-3/266; JR Brandon Williams; 6-5/246; JR
Sandy Riley; 6-0;237; JR
Brandon Sharpe; 6-3/244; JR
Chris Perry; 6-3/308; FR Richard Jones; 6-1/272; JR Daniel Howard; 6-3/238; JR
Brandon Sharpe; 6-3/244; JR
Brandon Sesay; 6-6/279; JR
Clint Stoffels; 6-0/254; SO David Neill; 6-5/263; RS FR McKinner Dixon; 6-3/250; JR
Brandon Sesay; 6-6/279; JR
Ryan Haliburton; 6-4/242; FR
Britton Barbee; 6-2/282; SO Joey Fowler/INJ; 6-4/271; FR Sandy Riley; 6-0;237; JR

Thoughts: So we take the strikeout off of Dixon, but I still leave him behind B. Williams and Howard, Leach is going to make him earn it . . .After yesterday's practice report, we heart that Richard Jones is having an outstanding camp . . . Additionally, we've learned that Sandy Riley is moving over to Ratliff's side, which means that everyone moves down a notch, including Sharpe and Sesay . . . I have Sesay at the 4th string now, but things can change, I still want to see him play sooner rather than later, just to see if he's capable of contributing this year and it would be a shame if he can't . . .


Sam Linebacker Mike Linebacker Will Linebacker
Bront Bird; 6-4/226; SO Brian Duncan; 6-1/238; SO Marlon Willilams; 6-0/224; JR
Julius Howard; 6-1/210; SO
Tyrone Sonier; 6-2/215; RS FR
Victor Hunter; 5-11/256; JR Blake Collier; 6-2/211; JR
Tyrone Sonier; 6-2/215; RS FR
Julius Howard; 6-1/210; SO
Sam Fehoko; 5-11/236; RS Julius Howard; 6-1/210; SO
- Chris Wallace; 5-11/208; JR Riley Harvey; 6-1/193; 9

Thoughts: Julius Howard continues to make plays, which has now vaulted him ahead of Tyrone Sonier at the Sam linebacker spot . . . I'm not sure if this is really a surprise, but Howard made plays all spring and now he's making plays in two-a-days, whoever is making plays needs to play . . .

Defensive Backs

Left Corner Strong Safety Free Safety Right Corner
Jamar Wall; 5-10/195; JR Daniel Charbonnet; 5-11/203; SR
Anthony Hines; 6-1/222; SR
Darcell McBath; 6-1/196; SR L.A. Reed; 6-2/212; SR
LaRon Moore; 5-9/186; SO
Brent Nickerson; 6-0/195; JR Anthony Hines; 6-1/222; SR
L.A. Reed; 6-2/212; SR
Jordy Rowland; 6-1/196; SR
Daniel Charbonnet; 5-11/203; SR
Marcus Bunton; 5-8/192; SR
De'Shon Sanders; 6-1/198; JR Lance Fuller; 6-2/217; SR Cody Davis; 6-2; 205; FR
Jordy Rowland; 6-1/196; SR
Pete Richardson; 5-11/185; JR
Taylor Charbonnet; 5-10/168; RS FR Franklin Mitchem; 6-2/201; SO Cody Davis; 6-2; 205; FR LaRon Moore; 5-9/186; SO
Jared Flannel; 5-11/173; RS FR
Jarrell Routt; 6-0/191; JR LaShawn Vation; 5-9/194; JR - Jared Flannel; 5-11/173; RS FR
Nathan Stone; 5-8/175; SO

Thoughts: It gets a little tricky here with Reed moving to the right cornerback spot . . . Lots of moving around here, but I think this is still a pretty fluid group of positions . . . Charbonnet has been running first team (I think) with McBath while Hines and Rowland have been teaming up to play second team . . . This means that everyone moves up a spot, including Cody Davis, who I don't think should see the field this year, at least not in the secondary . . . Everyone gets moved down a spot at the right corner position and Nathan Stone gets knocked off the depth chart completely . . . I still think it's incredibly important that Routt and/or Sanders make some sort of contribution this year because they're going to be forced to contribute next year with the loss of so many players . . .

Special Teams

Kicker Punter
Cory Fowler; 5-8/161; SR Jonathan LaCour; 6-2/208; SO
Jonathan LaCour; 6-2/208; SO -
Donnie Carona; 6-0/215; FR -

Thoughts: Completely static . . .