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Post Game Thread: Baylor 28, Texas Tech 35

I just walked into the house and I listened to the entire game on the radio. From the sound of it, Texas Tech was playing short-handed for almost the entire 2nd half, without Michael Crabtree (in a walking book), L.A. Reed in street clothes, and Eric Morris injuring a calf.  Not to mention a number of other possible smaller injuries along the defensive line.

It wasn't the prettiest win, but I'll take it, begrudgingly. 

I'm about to help my wife do some things around the house so I probably won't check back in until tomorrow morning. 

Consider this your open thread if you're checking in on Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State.

From listening to the radio:

  • Offensive MVP:  Detron Lewis
  • Defensive MVP:  Brandon Williams/McKinner Dixon