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TTU39, UT 33

What happens when you give a guy too much time . . . a website.

I thought it would be cool to remind all of the BCS voters that Texas Tech vs. Texas was settled on the field, in favor of Texas Tech 39-33, and as a result, if we are judging on a head-to-head basis, Texas Tech is obviously the superior team (please note the huge hint of sarcasm).

Thus, without further ado, I bring to you:


TTU 39, UT 33

(click me)

Do I realize it's silly to combat what the Longhorns are trying to do? Yes.

Will some people take me seriously despite the fact that I realize there are arguments as to why Texas Tech should not be ranked ahead of Texas? Sure.

Do I think politicking for votes is stupid? Yep, but it seems like everyone is doing it.

Do I care what anyone thinks about me? Nah.

If anyone would like for me to add content, please leave a comment and I'll get it up as fast as I can.

And please remember, this is done as a joke . . . sorta.