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BlogPoll Ballot: Week 14

One big mess.

I've been busy/avoiding this for the entire week, but it's due and the results after the jump.  Just in case you don't want to click on over, I've put Texas Tech at #5 behind Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida.  If I base this on resume, and for what it's worth I still struggle as to a true method, then isn't Texas Tech's resume better than Florida's? 

Are blowout wins more important than top 10 and top 25 wins? 

I feel pretty comfortable thinking that the Red Raiders' resume is better than Penn State's as well as USC's and Utah's, but Florida's loss to Ole Miss is still a bad loss, despite the Rebels playing better of late and had Texas Tech lost to a similar team, like Nebraska, despite wins over UT and OSU and forgetting the OU loss for a minute, would they be any where close to a top 5 team? 

The same goes for Penn State, who happened to lose a couple of weeks before Texas Tech and I wonder, as a whole, is Penn State's resume better than Texas Tech's even with the loss to OU?

And for the Texas contingent, placing Oklahoma ahead of UT is based on what I saw Saturday night and what I saw when the Longhorns came into town.  I think OU is the better team right now.  We'll see next week, but right now I think the Sooners are slightly better than Texas, despite the head-to-head win.  In my book, they are 1A and 1B.

At the end of the day, I find this weekly process of ranking the teams, especially the top 10, to be a real exercise in "trying" to be logical, but ultimately failing at some point because of an alternatively good point, i.e.:  Texas > Oklahoma > Texas Tech > Texas.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Oklahoma 2
3 Texas --
4 Florida 1
5 Texas Tech 4
6 Southern Cal --
7 Penn State 2
8 Utah 1
9 Oklahoma State 3
10 Boise State 2
11 Ohio State --
12 Missouri 2
13 TCU 2
14 Georgia 2
15 Florida State 3
16 Oregon State 3
17 Oregon 5
18 Boston College 5
19 Cincinnati 2
20 Brigham Young 7
21 Ball State 1
22 Georgia Tech 4
23 Mississippi 3
24 Michigan State 10
25 Iowa 1


Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#17), LSU (#24), Miami (Florida) (#25).