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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - I Don't Care What Coach Leach Says Edition

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Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has a piece on the Harrell-Crabtree Heisman Trophy promotion website, Kinda funny, when I went to pull up the site this morning it was hanging and stalled out on me. You guys must be giving the servers hell. Anyway, Captain Leach sounds . . . indifferent:

"I think it’s all right," Tech coach Mike Leach said of the campaign. "Those guys are pretty good friends, and it works out good."

Of more interest to me, Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook, cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell says that cornerbacks L.A. Reed and Brent Nickerson split time last week, but Nickerson will get the start this week against Nebraska because the Nebraska offense is more varied that the Kansas State offense:

"This is a new scheme for him this week versus Nebraska’s scheme,’’ Mitchell said. "That’s something (Reed’s) never seen. It depends on how much he can retain and how much he can make applicable to what we’re doing. But Brent Nickerson has seen this scheme before and he has a good feel for it, so he’s probably going to start again this week.’’

Though Kansas State is averaging 43 points and Nebraska is averaging 33, Mitchell said the Cornhuskers’ offense is more complex. They involve the running backs, tight ends and wide receivers in the passing game and use more pre-snap motion than a lot of teams.

Mitchell said K-State used mostly two personnel groups against Tech, whereas the Raiders think they could see seven or eight personnel groupings from Nebraska.

Also of note, Williams confirms the Hollins de-commitment from Texas Tech to Tennessee. Umm, I guess Sims sees lots of playing time at Tennessee, must not like competition.

Meanwhile, S Daniel Charbonnet and CB Pete Richardson are practicing.

Since all of the Texas-centric papers don't have any additional news on Texas Tech, I thought I'd link a few Nebraska articles. StatePaper's Samuel McKewon takes a close look at the this year's version of Texas Tech, a really good read, and McKewon on Monday's Cornhusker practice, including this gem from Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini:

. . . when asked for his reaction to Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach comment that Nebraska "unraveled" against Missouri, Pelini said "I don’t care what Coach Leach says." Leach’s statements were actually misrepresented by the television reporter, as Leach praised Nebraska’s athletes and prefaced his comment with explaining that the Tigers were "a hard team to bottle up."

It's on!!  Everyone cares what Captain Leach says.

Neglected Video: Fox 34 - Kliff Kingsbury told Graham Harrell that the only record he held in Lubbock is now a criminal record, this is pretty good . . . Fox34's recap of Saturday's win . . .