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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - We're Not Number 1 Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Forgot to mention that I put up a new poll yesterday, so go vote. Also, don't forget to take a look at my week 6 BlogPoll draft (feedback welcome), NM99's write up of the Kansas State game, and BC's dedfischer's excellent review of the win over the Wildcats.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams looks back at the 2004 70-10 win over Nebraska and Captain Leach recalls that the Red Raiders just got on a roll:

"There was a lot of anticipation, excitement. We felt like it was an important game for us," Tech coach Mike Leach said. "We kind of got on a roll and were lucky enough to get a bunch of turnovers that turned into more points. The score was that high partially because of how many times they turned it over. Maybe we’ll get lucky enough to get a bunch of turnovers this time, too, so we’ll see."

While Graham Harrell says that current Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini will get the Cornhuskers back on track:

"Obviously he’s a great coach, just (looking at) his track record," Harrell said. "With his defenses at previous spots, he knows what he’s doing. He’s going to bring them back and they’re going to be a program like they’ve been in the past before long."

In the LAJ's Tech football notebook there's a bunch of notes (duh), but nothing really newsworthy:

  • McBath on what he watches and what he thinks of Texas Tech's high ranking:
    "We watch ESPN, because they don’t give us any credit,’’ McBath said with a smile. "That’s the only thing we like watching — ESPN — because they keep us motivated. We don’t watch local channels. Lot of pats on the back, we don’t want that.’’

    "Last time I checked, we didn’t win any national championships or anything like that,’’ he said. "We’re not number one. Nobody’s putting a lot of pressure on us. We don’t feel any pressure. We’re just playing football.’’

  • Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M will be broadcast on FSN at 11:00 a.m.
  • The "Elf" Formation was run with Michael Crabtree rather than Eric Morris this week (this is where Crabtree takes the direct snap and has the option of running with the ball, handing off or passing the ball).  Here's Harrell on Morris not getting those snaps:
    "He’s probably mad he didn’t get to run it (in the game) last week,’’ Harrell said. "He didn’t get a lot of practice in the week off, so Crab got all the reps in that little package, so Crab got the reps this week in the game. Eric wants it. Eric wants to be back there.’’
  • Brandon Carter says that pitching the ball to the running backs was his idea:
    "That was kind of a sideline decision,’’ Carter said, "because I had actually gone to the sideline and told coach, ‘These guys are slanting inside. The outside’s open all day.’ Then we threw the pitch a couple of times and threw the sweep a couple of times. We took advantage of it.’’

ESPN Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin takes a long look at the former grayshirt receivers, Lyle Leong and Adam James. Captain Leach tends to believe that most players would benefit from a redshirt or grayshirt year:

"I think if you look at the end and work backwards, most players wish they could have redshirted and had an extra year," Leach said. "But on the front end with the recruiting services and the media, most of these guys think they are a step away from the NFL. I think you have to have a realistic perspective on these things."

Harrell also noted that it was part of the game-plan to spread the ball around to 11 different receivers:

"We had a lot of receiving depth up and down our lineup," said Harrell, who matched his career high with six touchdown passes. "Ball distribution was huge for us. We wanted to throw it all over the field so they couldn't focus on any one player. Everybody was getting involved."

FWST's Dwain Price has a bunch of notes up as well, and mentions that this is the first road game for the Cornhuskers (something I hadn't realized):

"It was an advantage for us to play at home the first five weeks, but now it’s time to go on the road," Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said. "We’ve got to take the attitude of we don’t care where we play.

"The first time you go on the road and deal with how to handle the road trip, you’ve got to do it for the first time at some point. Obviously once you get out there, it’s about performing and executing."

DT's Alex Ybarra chimes in that the credit for Texas Tech starting out with the running game goes to Graham Harrell, per Captain Leach:

"(Harrell's) the guy that can do it the quickest because he's under center," Leach said. "On the sideline and on the top, there's a certain amount of guess work with (coaches). It's like, 'Last time in this situation, (Kansas State) did this, they might do that,' so if we call this, and then we actually call it, then it's not that. He can straighten it out and find some way to attack, which he did a good job of a number of times.

"I think that's part of why I think (Kansas State) wanted two safeties (in pass coverage), but then we were able to run the ball well that first series. So then they went one safety, but they wouldn't blitz, but they kept more people around the ball."