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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Deploy Hale Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Texas Tech is a 21 point favorite to win against Nebraska. Seems like a lot of points, but I'm a pescimist at heart. Perhaps Vegas saw the error of their ways, and decided they weren't going to make that mistake again.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes that Texas Tech passed a road test at Kansas State. Captain Leach sounds fairly pleased with the win:

"We did a good job answering their scores and I thought played together real well," said Tech coach Mike Leach, whose team sits at No. 7 in all the major polls. "Offensively, we responded good, and then defensively we tightened up (after the score was tied at 14). It was very hard to move the ball on us after the first two touchdowns."

And defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill was pleased with the adjustments his defense made:

"Overall, I was pleased with us facing adversity early on the road," Tech defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said. "We gave up two touchdowns early. The kids rebounded and made some adjustments during the game, which is hard for anyone, but they were able to make adjustments. So some good things came out of it, but I want them to recognize important phases of the football game."

We have two Red Raider Football Notebooks, one from yesterday and the other from today. I guess I was up too early to catch yesterday's version. In any event, in yesterday's edition lots of praise is going Ryan Hale's way:

"His name is Hale,’’ Tech coach Mike Leach said, "so when he goes out there, we yell ‘Deploy Hale,’ and we were fortunate enough to deploy Hale for a touchdown. Then if he does anything good, (teammates) start screaming ‘Hale storm!’ So we were very happy for Hale, even though on paper he plays a skill position, to finally get to do some skill things.’’

And DT Rajon Henley is probably going to be fine:

If appearances count for anything, Henley seemed to be carefree after the game. Though sporting an iced knee and a wrap on his shin, Henley was ambling about amiably and cutting up with teammates before players boarded the team bus.

In today's edition there are some notes on RB's Shannon Woods and Baron Batch and the Texas Tech defense holding KSU to 2-12 on 3rd downs.

DT's Jon Arnold files his game story from Saturday's win.