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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Real Specific Plan Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Raiderville: Coach Leach feeds the Raiderville masses (LAJ article ) and (DT video) -- sounds sorta Biblical, doesn't it:

"I appreciate you guys coming out here," he said. "It’s really our pleasure to have you here and to have you as our fans, and we really, really appreciate your supporting our team."

Then Leach turned the crowd loose on a table full of barbecue. "I don’t know if there’s gonna honestly be enough for everybody because, keep in mind that sign said "700? 12 hours ago," Leach said, referencing the Raiderville "city limits" sign.

. . . RaiderAde's ayleein with some photos of ESPN's College GameDay setting up . . . DT's Matt McGowan with some video some video . . . DT with some video of ESPN's College GameDay setting up . . .

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes that an older LT Rylan Reed is a good influence on the rest of the Red Raiders. Here's offensive line coach Matt Moore on Reed:

"That’s pretty much his temperament," Moore said. "He’s always in control. He’s a guy that goes full speed, but is able to focus on little things at the same time. He doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him is the best way to put it. He doesn’t get real emotional when it comes to playing. He doesn’t get over-hyped, and he doesn’t get down real low, which is definitely a positive when it comes to offensive line play."

LAJ's Don Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook discusses that McCoy has very few sacks for the year, but Ruffin McNeill attributes that to McCoy's quick release:

"Earlier (in the season) people were saying, You didn’t get (enough) sacks. Well, you’re not going to get sacks on three-step (drops)," McNeill said. "We’ll make him hold it if we can.

"If he’s going one, two, three (steps) throw, we can’t. He’s already lined up in shotgun, which takes him 7 yards deep. Then you’re trying to rush to the ball, it makes it tough. So we’ve got to try to get pressure and get our hands up and that kind of thing."

Excellent story from DT's Alex Ybarra on the last remaining member of the 1938 10-0 team from Texas Tech, 89-year old Lonnie "Primo" McCurry. No blockquotes, just go read the whole thing.

SAEN's Natalie England writes that there are many lessons to be learned in Lubbock and Mike Finger has a feature on center Stephen Hamby, and how about this for a recruiting story:

As an offensive lineman at Alamo Heights, Hamby wasn't flooded with major scholarship offers, but just about every program in the Big 12 invited him to walk on. He visited Texas, where, in his words, "Mack Brown was too nice." He considered Texas A&M, where he was told he would flourish, but he ultimately decided "coach (Dennis) Franchione was just a weirdo."

Then he took a trip to Texas Tech, and got nothing but a cold shoulder. It was irresistible.

"Tech was the most unwelcoming place I'd ever been," Hamby said. "They told me not to bother walking on. They said I'd never play here. And that made me mad enough to want to prove them wrong."

DMN looks at the top five Texas wins and the top 5 Texas Tech wins while Chuck Carlton is picking Texas to win by 12.

The Chron's David Barron takes a look at the quirky Mike Leach. There are a number of gems from that article so go read the whole thing, but here's Captain Leach on Texas coach Mack Brown:

"One thing I admire about (Brown)," Leach said, "is that he’s always got a real specific plan. … Just the most obscure stuff: Why is this sofa sitting here? Well, it’s sitting here because of this, and if you put it there it’s like that, and the other one over here is for this, and it’s really sharp and it really is quite ingenious, and you can tell he’s a guy who has been the head coach of a team for a lot of years, not just at Texas."

Behind Enemy Lines: DT's Alex Ybarra on McCoy wanting to continue his success against Texas Tech . . . Ybarra also on Texas head coach Mack Brown wanting to keep his Longhorns sharp for Saturday's game . . . LAJ's Adam Zuvanich on Quan Cosby's baseball career . . .

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker reports from last night's tip-off dinner about the men's and women's team while FWST's Dwain Price features Junior Knight on his first full season as head coach. The more I read about Junior Knight the more I like him as a person as he's not blind to why he got the job, but he understands that he has to win in order to keep it:

"I didn’t want to be one of those guys that looked at himself later on and really regret turning down the Tech job," Knight said. "I wanted to take a chance, and I know it’s a big move and it’s a big chance to take.

"I could have gone to maybe a smaller school and worked my way up. But, gosh, man, you only go around this world once and if you get offered an opportunity like this, I don’t see how you can turn it down."

That his dad is a legend mattered not to Knight. He prepared for this moment and he knew he had to seize it.

"If I was his son or not, it was going to be a tough situation following somebody like that," Knight said. "But you either take the easy way out and not do it, or take a chance and do it."

And here's Junior Knight on some of the new guys:

"I think Okorie and Cohadarevic upgraded us from a talent standpoint immensely," Knight said. "Now we put them together with three talented freshmen and it’s a really good class that go along with the [freshman] class of Roberson, Singletary and D’walyn Roberts we had the year before.

"Tyree Graham will definitely play right away just because he’s a very talented guard, and that’s one of our weaker spots."