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CCC’s Big 12 Wrap Up #2

Baseball talk and some Spring Game News!

Chris and Joe are back, bringing you the Big 12 news you need to know.

First, they go over the baseball side of things. The Big 12 race is becoming a real photo finish, with a sweep by the Sooners over Texas really shaking that race up. Surprisingly, West Virginia is sitting right there in striking distance.

After that, they talk about some of the latest basketball portal news. TCU lands a commitment, what impact does it have for the conference?

The guys close the show on the Texas Tech front. They talk about the spring game, including what the staff is saying afterwards. Who stood out? What positions really look deep? And how does the team look after the game?

Stay tuned for more CCC episodes this week, and thanks for listening! It has been a great month for us and we look forward to bringing you guys more and more new shows and concepts.