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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Don't Want Him To Be Sidetracked Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Must Read: Rock M Nation, a fine Missouri Tigers blog, and pantheon of college football statistical analysis takes Beyond The Box Score a little further and predicts that Texas Tech plays in the BCS championship, losing a close one to OU.

Daily Reminder: For the best coverage on the game make sure and check out Tortilla Retort, Burnt Orange Nation and Barking Carnival who channeled BHGP.

If you're going down to the ESPN College GameDay set, then go here to read what you can or cannot bring to the set. Also, Cagles has bought more meat. Yeaaa!. While some ticket holders are considering selling their ticket for cold hard cash. The DT has more video on the folks out at Raiderville.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don williams says that Texas Tech is looking for a strong second half from Edward Britton and the early long passes to Britton were part of the game plan:

"Coach told me before the game started that we were going to call that play pretty early in the game," Britton said, "and then as soon as I saw the safety roll over (to the opposite side), I knew it was going to happen."

Britton also understands in Texas Tech's offense, sometimes you have to wait your turn:

"I just feel like ultimately you’ve got to wait your turn," the junior from El Paso said. "You’ve got to wait for the ball to come to you and hopefully be in a position to make a big play or make plays to help the team, just for us to move forward."

While Captain Leach like's Britton's progress:

"I think his development’s pretty good," Tech coach Mike Leach said. "I’m glad he caught some passes. Some of it’s just (a matter of) us getting it to him. He’s always been a guy that took a couple of games to get in stride. He’s done that."

LAJ's Don Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook with a couple of interesting notes, including that Captain Leach will feed the crew at Raiderville and address the students camping out, but back to football, there's this from offensive line coach Matt Moore on the Texas defensive line:

"The biggest difference I see is just the passion that they’re playing with," Moore said. "They’re all running to the ball. They’re all playing hard. It’s kind of got a different mentality to it. He’s got more speed on the field. Of course, they graduated two great big inside guys last year, so the new (defensive tackles) are a litle smaller and faster."

If the Longhorns blitz Tech much, that’ll be something of a change.

"I think they’ve gotten so much pressure with just their front four, he hasn’t had to put himself in a lot of situations where he’s had to blitz and put pressure on his secondary," Moore said "He’s got it in his package and we’ve seen him do it, but most of what I’ve seen he’s pressuring with the front four."

ESPN's Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin has a quite a few stories on Saturday's game. Up first, the video where Tim breaks down Saturday's game between Texas vs. Texas Tech and the Mack Brown and Mike Leach press conferences. Next, Captain Leach has held Graham Harrell out of any interviews this week:

The lack of media attention this week was mandated by Tech coach Mike Leach, who decided that Harrell didn't need the distractions of facing the media. All interview requests have been turned down.

"I didn't know it would be as interview-intensive as it was, but I knew it would be a great deal," Leach said. "Graham's job first is to be the best quarterback he can and do interviews secondly. I guess that's a long way of me saying he's a key guy for us and I don't want him to be sidetracked by that stuff."

Leach's mandate comes with some risk. The Red Raiders have never had a player place higher than fourth in the Heisman Trophy balloting when Donny Anderson was selected in 1965.

Tim's right, that there is some risk by not giving access to one of your best players, but this is the hand that Leach has played all year, going back to the Big 12 football media days. But perhaps Leach knows that those awards will only happen if Texas Tech wins. Win and the accolades will follow.

DMN's Kate Hairopoulos and Chuck Carlton write that Matt Williams could get a shot to kick field goals:

"A genuine 12th-man right out of the stands, we're proud of him," Leach said of Williams. "He didn't really look nervous to me."

Leach wouldn't let Williams talk to reporters this week.

Williams' high school coach, Mike Sneed, told The Associated Press he is surprised Leach hasn't already decided to expand Williams' role.

"Whenever they said he was going to be the extra-point kicker I said, 'Well, they'll start out with that but he'll be kicking the field goals and kickoffs at some point,' " said Sneed, who coached Williams at Weatherford before moving to a Houston school.

Sneed recalled a 49-yard field goal Williams in a win over Mineral Wells in 2005.

"I think it would have been a 59-yard field goal," Sneed said.

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