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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Anything Under 40 Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

As I mentioned last night, I was on a live podcast with PB and Scipio Tex. You can go listen to the audio at BON or click here.

If you're Jonesing for more Texas Tech football talk, then make sure and check out Ryan Hyatt and Don Williams' podcast.

This is for all of you students, if you're planning on going to the game, then the school is advising you to go early.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes that there's going to be quite a bit of talent at defensive end this week, incluidng UT's Brian Orakpo and Texas Tech's Brandon Williams and McKinner Dixon. Here's defensive line coch Charlie Sadler:

"Whether it’s said or not, I’m not sure that they don’t have a little bit of their own personal competition going on,’’ Tech defensive line coach Charlie Sadler said. "You’d think that’d be natural for them to do that. They both obviously have the natural talent and the willpower to give us consistent pass rushers, and it’s benefited us.’’

And safety Darcel McBath says that they are doing a great job of holding the pocket:

"They’ve been doing a great job of containing the pocket — holding guys in the pocket and squeezing and not letting them get out and run for a bunch of yards,’’ safety Darcel McBath said. "That’s their job, and they’ve been doing it well.’’

LAJ's Williams Red Raiders Football Notebook has a ton of notes, including a gift of a pirate ship from Junior Knight to the Texas Tech football staff and this about kicker Matt Williams, who may get the opportunity to kick more than just extra points:

"If it was anything under 40 yards, he was going to kick," said McGuire, adding that he had an internal debate about which kicker to use for a 43-yarder in the second half.

He sent out Donnie Carona, whose kick from the left hash mark stayed just left and missed.

"I really thought hard about trying (Williams) there with a little bit of wind behind his back," McGuire said. "I just felt more comfortable with Donnie in that situation."

A great article from SAEN's David Flores on the current life of Gabe Rivera, who was injured in an auto accident as a rookie defensive lineman and is now a paraplegic. No blockquotes, just go read the whole thing.

Also from the SAEN, David King on safety Darcel McBath growing into a team leader. Here's Captain Leach on McBath:

"He was always a fast guy, he was always a guy who had a lot of skill, he was always a guy who was pretty smart guy who could go out there and do a lot of things on the field," Leach said.

"But he's really developed as a leader and a presence on the team, where the team draws a lot of confidence from. He's a good example — not just a guy out there, but a good example that the rest of the team draws from."

DT's Alex Ybarra writes more on the Rylan Reed and Brian Orakpo matchup.

FWST's Gil Lebreton says that Texas Tech fans are remaining calm before Saturday's big game and he gets most of his material from lurking at online message boards. Huh. It's a positive article, but still . . . huh.

DMN's Chuck Carlton says that Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp has ties to the Texas Tech offense, as well as some additional news and notes.'s Aaron Dickens and Brock Batchko with a ton of notes.

Neglected Video: Cody Hodges discusses the last time Texas Tech vs. Texas was a big game with Fox34 . . . Also from Fox34, there's a ton of anticipation for Saturday's game . . .

Behind Enemy Lines: LAJ's Adam Zuvanich writes about UT's Brian Orakpo great season thus far . . . DMN's Chuck Carlton looks at all of the BCS starting quarterbacks from Texas . . . FWST's Trae Thompson says that the Longhorns are looking forward to fun in Lubbock . . .