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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - A Little Campaigner Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

There's a new poll up (to your left, under the countdown clock). When I last checked the Texas Tech was getting 6 points and yes, I think this game is going to be incredibly close. Go vote.

Must Read: Adventures of the Big 12: Halloween 2008 by BOTC's Panjandrum. Funny and genius.

[Note by Seth C, 10/28/08 7:15 AM CDT ]  I meant to mention this earlier, but for all kinds of coverage on this week's game make sure and check out Tortilla RetortBurnt Orange Nation and Barking Carnival.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams features receiver Eric Morris and how size is not indicative of performance on the field. Here's inside receivers coach Lincoln Riley on Morris:

"The biggest thing for him is he thinks he’s the best player on the field,’’ Tech inside receivers coach Lincoln Riley said. "He’s always believed in himself, kind of like Wes (Welker) did. Is he the best player on the field? No, not really. But they have that confidence in themselves and always believed they were going to make the play.

"He wasn’t a guy that just wanted to get the scholarship. He came here intending on playing.’’

And how about this, Morris is not afraid to ask for plays:

Tech coach Mike Leach said Morris isn’t bashful about asking for the football.

"He’s a little campaigner,’’ Leach said. "Does he campaign for plays? Absolutely.’’

The Raiders have kept Morris busy lately, and he’s come through. On Oct. 11, he scored what proved to be the winning touchdown in a 37-31 overtime victory against Nebraska, taking a handoff and racing for the corner of the end zone.

"He was kind of delighted when we called it,’’ Leach said.

In LAJ's Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook the location of ESPN's College GameDay is discussed, as well as Harrell being named a semi-finalist for the Davey O'Brien Award, but the best part about this was Captain Leach's thoughts on UT defensive coordinator Will Muschamp:

"He’s like what I think a lot of good defensive coordinators are," Leach said. "He’s basic, stays within himself, runs his stuff, doesn’t reinvent defense around an opponent. Features things, but has a relatively basic scheme and coaches good technique and intensity."

That sounds like a Leach compliment.

FWST's Dwain Price says that the Red Raiders are staying focused with all of the distractions. Per LT Rylan Reed:

"Everyone’s ready for this," Reed said. "Hopefully everyone has a good time.

"We understand that we’ve got to eliminate the distractions and stay focused during football time, because that’s going to be the key to winning this ball game."

Also, of note, there were apparently a number of Seattle, WA reporters in on the conference call asking about Leach's personality as he is already a media-candidate for the Washington job. I think Leach could be a candidate for a number of positions, but not this one.

Rylan Reed praises the defense:

"Our defense, I can’t talk enough about them," Reed said. "We’ve proven that we’re a second-half team. We shut people down in the second half, and that’s what champions do.

"They’ve rose to the occasion. They respond well [in the second half] and they make changes at halftime."'s Aaron Dickens has a bunch of information in his notebook, from the focus issue, to playing at night, but what caught my eye was quotes on some of the matchups this week. Here's fellow DE Jake Ratliff on DE's Brandon Williams and McKinner Dixon:

"McKinner’s always been a player, since he was a Freshman All-American here," he said. "He knows when it’s game time and he knows how to flip a switch and turn it on and come play. Brandon has worked harder than anybody I’ve seen in the weight room and in the offseason. It’s really paying off for him this year and you can tell with the results."

And Rylan Reed on going against UT's Brian Orakpo:

"He’s an unbelievable athlete, a great player," said Reed of Orakpo. "I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play him.

"I think it’s the fact that he’s got a bit of everything in him. He’s fast, he’s athletic. He benches, what? 510-pounds? That’s not normal. He kind of possesses everything. You’ve got to watch speed, bull rush, spin moves, you’ve got to watch everything."

Orakpo, much like Reed, is known as a warrior in the weight room. And though he is not as big as Long, Orakpo is just as explosive.

"It’s going to be a good little matchup," laughed Reed. "There’s going to be a lot of muscle out there on the field. We’ll see what happens. To be 260-pounds benching 510, that’s amazing.

"I tell you what, when this is all done and the season’s over, I think I may have found a workout partner. That’s for sure."

DMN's Kate Hairopoulos writes that Texas Tech is trying to tune out any buzz surrounding this game

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