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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - We're Hitting On All Cylinders Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

The rest of the notes are after the jump and from now on, I'll probably be doing it like that so you can make sure and catch all of the quality content from DTN's new writers on DTN's front page.

BON's Peter Bean has been busy and is all up in Texas Tech's mix (in a good way) make sure and check out the Big 12 Football Report, v 1.9 and The 10 Most Impressive Red Raider Stats.

[Note by Seth C, 10/27/08 6:29 AM CDT ]  I should also mention that if you like a front page story or a FanPost, FanShot or even a comment then go ahead and recommend it or feel free to Buzz it to Yahoo!, Digg, or whatever else.  When you recommend a FanPost (look to your right) the software creates a new column for Recommended FanPosts, which will stay on the front page longer.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes that Texas Tech is turning their attention toward Texas. Receiver Eric Morris says that the team knows they are capable playing with anyone in the country:

"We know if we really do what we’re capable of doing, then we can play with anybody in the country,’’ said Morris, who caught two touchdown passes Saturday. "We expect a tough matchup. We’re ready for anything right now. We’re hitting on all cylinders. It’s a great time in the year to be doing that, so look for us to have another big game next week.’’

Per LAJ's Don Williams, the Fiesta Bowl is considering Texas Tech, which is great that they're interested now, we just want them interested 4 weeks from now.

FWST's Jimmy Burch echoes the thoughts earlier this weekend that Texas Tech may be well-equipped to beat Texas:

Kansas coach Mark Mangino was more direct, saying the Red Raiders administered "a good, old-fashioned butt-whooping" that proved Tech is more than just a prolific passing team.

"They mixed it up with the run and the pass," Mangino said. "They controlled the ball for long periods of time."

That is precisely the formula needed for a team hoping to knock off Texas. These Longhorns have defensive vulnerabilities, especially against an accurate passer with time on his hands.

But first-year Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp keeps his young secondary from being exposed with a stellar pass rush and by relying on a relentless, chains-moving offense that kept the ball for 33:28 in Saturday’s 28-24 victory over then-No. 7 Oklahoma State.

Lots more good thoughts there, so go read the whole thing.

DMN's Chuck Carlton says that after OU, Missouri, and Oklahoma State, that Texas Tech is the Longhorns' biggest challenge.

RRS's Joe Yeager says that Texas Tech made an emphatic statement with the win over Kansas.

What? Someone from San Francisco writing about Texas Tech football? The San Francisco Chronicle's Jake Curtis with a few thoughts on your Red Raiders

Texas Tech Basketball:

Make sure and check out Ralphie Report's preview of Texas Tech's basketball squad. A very fair look at this year's squad.