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Rotating Kickers: Matt Williams, Today Is YOUR Day

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I think the news was broken here first on DTN by jeffinhouston, but per the DT's Alex Ybarra, Matt Williams is traveling with the team on Saturday and just very well may kick extra points.

Matt Williams . . . name sounds familiar, but it's not ringing a bell. Matt Williams is the walk-on kicker, who was recruited to play for your Red Raiders when he kicked for free rent during halftime of the Massachusetts game. But the problem of course is that Captain Leach told us that Williams was required to sit out the entire year.


Whatever red-tape that was keeping Williams from playing has apparently been cut.

Just to refresh your memory, here's the KAMC video of the kick, Captain Leach's reaction and Williams aspirations to some day kick for Texas Tech.

From the Ybarra article, here's special teams coach Clay McGuire on today's practice being an important one:

"(Tech) coach (Mike) Leach really stresses what we do on Wednesday's practices is good enough to do on Saturdays," McGuire said. "That's kind of what we're looking (at). Wednesday is kind of the magic day for us to see where we're at and make a decision from there."

McGuire on Williams' progression:

"He's had three or four weeks now to really get back in shape and he's doing a good job," McGuire said. "He's a confident kid, he's real smooth. He's looked good so far, so we'll see how it goes."

And apparently, Jonathan LaCour is a last chance contingency option if there is teh failz:

"Right now he's a last minute option," McGuire said. "He can do it. He's done it in the past. He was a good kicker in high school. He still does it pretty well."