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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Any Team Can Beat You Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

I've got a new poll up (to the left and down a little).  Right now, Texas Tech Kansas is getting two points (I could have sworn it was 1.5 earlier).

Also, if you haven't been around the computer over the weekend, make sure and check out the Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M Post Game Articles, DTN Post Game Quotes and DTN Report Card

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams says that Texas Tech will need to turn on the afterburners these next 4 games. Ruffin McNeill says that they know they have to play their best each week:

"Week in and week out, you better have you’re A’ game," Tech defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said. "You better be ready to play, because any team can beat you, and I guess where we are now, we catch everybody’s best. Last week, we caught Nebraska’s best shot. We caught A&M"s best shot. So our kids have to be ready to catch every team we play’s best shot."

And QB Graham Harrell said that despite the slow start offensively, they just stayed positive:

"Offensively," Harrell said, "I felt like both halves we played well. We just had some unlucky bounces the first half. The first half, everything went their way. The second half, we turned it around. Just stay positive. Things will go our way in the second half - that’s what Coach (Mike) Leach told us in the locker room - and they did."

Per LAJ's Williams, Mike Leach says that #8 in the BCS rankings mean nothing to Captain Leach:

"I don’t pay any attention," he said of his team’s BCS slot. "It’s all well and good for people to help them follow and take an interest in college football, but it doesn’t do me or the players any good. We just need to worry about practicing and preparing well."

DT's Adam Coleman and Alex Ybarra have game stories from Saturday's win over TAMU.

KAMC with some post-game reaction after the Texas A&M game, including a bit from Baron Batch, Mike Leach, who loves him some Shannon Woods and Graham Harrell, who was told that Captain Leach wanted Woods to get that TD carry. Hit the "Watch" button. This is pretty entertaining and worth the 2 minutes.

Big 12 Happenings: DMN's Chuck Carlton looks at UT's BCS chances and ranks the Big 12 teams . . .

Texas Tech Basketball:

A nice preview article from the DT on Friday's practice and John Roberson knows that everyone is going to have to step up for Martin Zeno's graduation:

"I think everybody feels pressure," he said. "It's gonna be a team effort. Any given night, anybody can step up. You saw that last year. Everybody had their nights where they stepped up and other people had their nights."