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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Overdefended Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

The SB Nation tech guys decided to change how the DTN FanPosts page looks (as well as every SB Nation blog) and I think it's much easier to read it's a little more "message board"-like in the List View. There's also various ways to sort the FanPosts now, so make sure and check it out.

Welcome the new SB Nation blog Team Speed Kills, a blog devoted to the ESSSSSEEEEEECCCCCC.

The BlogPoll was released yesterday and Texas Tech checks in at #9 although there is plenty of grumbling, and justifiably so, about the high ranking and lack of a tough schedule.

Texas Tech Football:

ESPN Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin writes about the resurgent Texas Tech running game. Here's Leach on the running game and taking what the defense gives him:

"We're doing a little bit more out of our pro splits," Leach said. "We're not doing it just to run it, but mainly because we've got a couple of pretty good guys back there, too. They have run well and they're getting better."


"We have two good players who have a lot of yards on the air and on the ground," Leach said. "In our case, we're a little overdefended on the pass and that opens up our running game. And with Shannon and Baron back there, we really don't mind it. Those guys have been outstanding for us."

LAJ's Adam Zuvanich takes a look at Kansas State's receiver converted to running back, Lamark Brown, who was moved to running back before the last game against La.-Lafayette. Zuvanich also gives his two cents on the Heisman Trophy race. I should also mention that Zach Long, Don Williams and Zuvanich do a video preview of the Texas Tech vs. Kansas State matchup (thanks for giving us Zach's name).

Here's the video, courtesy of Fox34, of Kansas State's Brandon Banks predicting a KSU puts 40 points on your Red Raiders.

DT's Alex Ybarra recounts the past relationship of Texas Tech defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill and Kansas State head coach Ron Prince. Here's Prince on McNeill:

"We obviously go back quite a way for a lot of moments during my formation as a coach coming up through the ranks," said Prince, whose Wildcats play No. 7 Texas Tech at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Manhattan, Kan. "He was there for me in guidance and counseling. When I need a sounding board to bounce things off of, he is one of the great people in this business. I appreciate all those things, and I know that he'll have his team very well prepared this weekend."

The DMN has a couple of different big-picture looks at the Big 12: Kevin Sherrington looks at the local (re. Big 12 South and DFW) college football season and Chuck Carlton focuses on the Big 12. Here's Leach from Carlton's article on the state of the offense of the Big 12:

"Offensively, it's the best it has been," said Mike Leach, who became Texas Tech head coach after serving as Oklahoma's offensive coordinator in 1999. "I think it's because of returning quarterbacks, and the rest of the offensive unit tends to draw from those guys. There is better work in the off-season and better work in camp because your offense already has a bit of an identity.

"Our conference is the benefactor of a lot of good quarterbacks."

FWST's Jimmy Burch takes a look at the depth and talent of Big 12 quarterbacks and is predicting a 7 point win for Texas Tech.