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Post Game Quotes: Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M



Head Coach Mike Leach:

"I thought everything that could go wrong did in the first half. We alloowed ourselves to get frustrated. Part of it is going out there and just running around and expecting good things to happen. We did that the second half. In the first half, it was just a bunch of little things, a bunch of lame stuff with the coaches and players. In the second half, there was nothing magic. We just relaxed and expected good things to happen. Our defense played very well in the second half. We have to kick it better, no question -- or go for two. It's a problem. There was no panic at halftime. I was proud of them for that. It was more of a relaxation session. I just told them: Relax and don't get frustrated; we don't want bad body language; expect good things to happen; it can't be as bad as the first half and we're only down by three. (on last touchdown) I felt like Shannon (Woods) had done a lot of lifting to get the ball down there. Given the fact that he worked his way down there, I felt like he deserved a touchdown. My only regret is that Harrell snatched the touchdown. I wish Shannon would have got it. Shannon Woods is my favorite running back in the whole world. I like Shannon more than any 10 players on any other team. I'm happy we scored; I wish Shannon would have got it. The crowd always has an effect and that's why this is a such an exciting place to play. Everybody battles the crowd. Kyle Field is one of the few places in America where defenses have trouble communicating."

RB Baron Batch:

"In the second half, we had less mistakes. We settled down and played. We were focused on getting the win. We settled down and did what we wanted. The offensive line is doing a great job and things are opening up. I think we could always run the ball but coach is just now getting confidence in us."

QB Graham Harrell:

"Kyle Field is the greatest place to play at, so to come out with a win is big. Lucky for me, I've come down here and gotten two wins. A&M played really hard and gave us a great shot. The problems in the first half were self-inflicted. We only stopped ourselves. The offensive line did a great job of controlling the game. We had some unlucky bounces in the first half."