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Post Game Quotes: Nebraska vs. Texas Tech


Captain Leach on Saturday's game:

"It really was wild and hard fought, and the rest. It was one of the strangest games I had been a part of, and I think that Nebraska would say the same too. I can't say enough about their offensive line and their offense did a great job. I think the coaching job they did was impressive. I was proud of our guys hanging in there, we had a little bit of adversity but we overcame it. I am really proud of them for that. I think sometimes we went out and tried to make too much happen, defensively we tried to make too much happen we tried to play perfect and we just need to make routine plays. We need to solve something's on special teams but I am impressed with this group. But almost always in games like this you have to be the last guy swinging and we were and I am proud of our players."

Captain Leach on the 4th and 4 conversion:

"Well, we were hoping he was offsides, I was thinking he was. There were a lot of things that didn't turn our way this game but in the end it did. When you are down quite a bit and things aren't going your direction you got to stick in there and our guys did that."

Captain Leach on time of possession:

"Well, surprising, the whole thing was strange. Some stats guy could really have a hay day with it. Who cares about time of possession, I thought we could have done better on third down offense and stopping them. And we let them have the ball too long and they did a good job controlling the clock. I think that we will learn from it and respond to it. I think there were some key times, and even with that we held them to 10 points for a real long time. And offensively we responded a few times which was key, and special teams we did some things which were key and even with the mishaps we found a way to win and our group deserves a lot of credit for that."

RB Baron Batch on a frustrating game:

"It can definiately get a little nerve wracking and they are definitely playing keep-away and they got a stop when they needed to and we won. And I'm just real happy about that the fact that we got win."

QB Graham Harrell on the 4th and 4 conversion and Mr. Crabtree being open:

"We got to work, we got to make it happen and we did and the thing about coach is he has a lot of confidence in his guys. He said just make it work and we did."

"I'm surprised with how open he was and if he was just a little guy I would go to him. You know, Crabtree is our go- to guy. I knew he was open and he was; I threw it up there and he made a play.

LB Brian Duncan on lessons learned today:

"Absolutely, it teaches us that we can't give up on a team and anyone can come in this house and we can go anywhere and get beat. We have to go out there and respect each team."

Duncan on where the team goes from here:

"We are excited, Coach Leach is a great guy, Ruffin (McNeill) has a great scheme. We are going to improve as weeks go by and we are excited, we had some fun today."