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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - A Huge Test To Us Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Check out the callaboration between the writers at BOTC and myself in the Midweek Quarterback: K-State vs. Texas Tech. I didn't get to participate as much as I would have liked (boooo work and boooo wife), but there's were a ton of good thoughts exchanged. Thanks for the invite and allowing me to participate.

Here's my final submission for the BlogPoll. I did some rearranging early this morning, taking to heart the thought that I was probably too rough on Florida and in retrospect I was also probably too hard on Wisconsin in my initial draft and I think I've corrected that.

Later today: 5 Reasons Texas Tech Will Win and Q & A with BOTC.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams checks in with an article on the Texas Tech linemen preparing for the Kansas State defensive front. Here's guard Brandon Carter on what the K-State defense brings:

"They run a defense that we haven’t seen in probably two years now," Tech guard Brandon Carter said. "I think we’ll be fine with that. Our offensive line, we know what we’re doing. We’ve all worked together for two years now.

"But I give them credit. They play hard and get after people, so I think it’s going to be a huge test to us."

Williams and offensive line coach go into a little more detail about how the front 7 of the Kansas State defense works:

The defensive front to which Carter referred is a 3-3 stack with linebackers lined up behind the front three.

Tech line coach Matt Moore said K-State, when it lines up in the 3-4, resembles the Virginia team that the Raiders faced in the Gator Bowl. But the Wildcats don’t limit themselves to that.

"Sometimes they’ll stack those guys up and go six in the box," Moore said Tuesday. "They’re very multiple. They do a lot of stuff. They’ll show you a four-man front and a three-man front and a 33. We haven’t seen stack in a while, so we worked on it a lot last week."

I'm guessing that as long as Texas Tech was able to handle Virginia, a team that was actually talented last year and had a handful of rushing defensive players, including Chris Long, that this Texas Tech defense may be more ready to handle the KSU pressure than not.

In Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook there is talk of the first full practice after the bye being with a lot of energy but more importantly, apparently Adam James is injured, which means that the staff may choose to burn the redshirt they intended for Adrian Reese.

Texas Tech does not disclose injuries, but James did not have on shoulder pads yesterday. The two tight end formation has been a successful thus far this year and I've been trying to think of other players that might fit what James does on the field and I just can't think of any on offense. You can always convert a linebacker to the offensive side of the ball, but I'd prefer not to do that.

In other injury news, both Louis Vasquez and Eric Morris returned to practice.