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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-31-07

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DTN News:

Recipe for a perfect weekend:

  • Assorted leftover beers from last weekend's family get-together, including the High Life (3), Shiner Bock (2), and Heineken (9): Approximate value, $20.00.
  • Two frozen pizzas: $15.00 (I'm guessing here as I don't have to do the grocery shopping either).
  • Wife will be out of town with girlfriends until Monday: priceless.

That's right, my wife gave to me the greatest gift a wife could give her husband. Complete freedom for the first weekend of college football. I have the best wife ever, in the history of ever.

As game day is approaching I figure you guys need to know who to throw things at (i.e. me), so to make it easy for you I'll be the only one at Monday's game wearing this t-shirt. If you see me then say hello, I'd love to chat it up with as many of you as I can for two reasons. First, to say thank you for reading DTN, and second because I love talking football with Red Raiders.

I'll also have my camera with me and I plan on taking some pictures to post on DTN.

Feel free to order a t-shirt and keep in mind that I make no money from these sales, however, I am looking into getting these done so they're a little more affordable.

I've been meaning to mention this for quite some time, but I've updated the 2008 Recruiting Board and I've made some extensive revisions. First off, I've removed all of the prospects. It was too much for me to keep up with and it just wasn't practical. I'll let Raider Power and Red Raider Sports keep track of all of the players. I'm just not equipped to do that stuff, I'll leave it to the professionals. The other change is what I talked about before, which is I've made the link on each player a Google News search to that player. If I need to tweak a search in order to get better results, let me know.

I realize that you could do the same thing, but hopefully I'm making your lives a little easier.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams article is on freshman defensive tackle Colby Whitlock's ascent to the defensive tackle rotation. Don retells how Whitlock was offered a scholarship almost immediately as running backs coach Seth Littrell (also the Oklahoma recruiter) was impressed with the young defensive lineman:

"I think he's a steal, absolutely," said Littrell, the former Oklahoma player who recruits his home state for Tech. "The biggest thing I liked on film was how his motor ran. And being around Oklahoma and being a state-champion wrestler, those are all good things for a D-lineman. He has a quick first step, he knows his leverages really good, and once you get to know Colby as a person, you know the drive and determination he has."

According to Don, OU only wanted Whitlock to play offensive line, but after visiting Texas Tech the decision was easy:

"Once I came here and met the coaching staff, met the players, I just loved things out here more," he said. "OU called once or twice and said, 'Can you at least come take your visit?,' but I never went. I didn't want to go. I knew Tech was the place I wanted to be."

I'm excited as hell to see this kid play and it sounds like he's going to be special.

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook has notes on a couple of positions. First off, Tremain Swindall looks like he will redshirt, while the coaches are still making the decision on Detron Lewis. As of today, Danny Amendola and Eric Morris are the inside receivers and Adrian Reese, Grant Walker and Kelly Hildenbrandt are the backups.

Daniel Howard may see some reps at the rush defensive end spot, behind Brandon Williams and Sandy Riley. I'm not opposed to getting as many looks as possible in non-conference games so we all know what we're dealing with when conference games start.