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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 08-30-07

DTN News:

Can someone from Texas Tech get an updated roster on the official website? I'd love to print off a roster before the game so I can keep up with all of the newcomers. I'm sure that this will eventually be done, but I'm getting anxious, I need numbers.

Don't forget the new poll to the right. I should also update you on the previous poll, which was how many games did you think our Red Raiders would win? Most of you guys were pretty optimistic:

12 wins 11 votes - 8 %
11 wins 6 votes - 4 %
10 wins 39 votes - 29 %
9 wins 45 votes - 34 %
8 wins 18 votes - 13 %
7 wins 9 votes - 6 %
6 wins 1 vote - 0 %
5 wins 1 vote - 0 %
4 wins 2 votes - 1 %

Texas Tech Football:

DMN's Brandon George has the DMN's Texas Tech Preview. Lots of good stuff by George and he mentions the same strengths that we've mentioned throughout the year: Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree and the secondary. He's also worried about the defensive line, and rightfully so, and kickoff returns. George predicts the season record as well as the wins and losses. Go check out the whole article.

LAJ's Don Williams has a nice overview of the Red Raiders heading into the SMU game. Don notes that lots of young guys are going to play and Leach doesn't think there's much to young guys getting acclimated:

"There isn't anything to it," Leach said. "It's easy for me to say that. The truth of the matter is, a guy's got to go out there and be clearheaded and do what he can do.

"Now how quick are they actually going to do that? I don't know. Hopefully, it's going to be real fast, because there's really no difference between this and a practice as far as you keep doing your job over and over again with a level of enthusiasm."

There's only one thing left to do, and it all comes down to these guys getting on the field and playing the game.

LAJ's Don Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook mentions that Chris Parker is ready to play.

B. George also has two quick notes on the running backs and wide receivers expected to play on Monday and on Lyle Leong and Michael Crabtree. The one quote that bothers me is this from Leach on the running backs:

"If somebody gets hot, they'll maybe get a few more [carries]," Leach said. "They're both really good and have both played well. I think they both complement each other, and I think we'll do some work with both of them in there, too."

I really just want one running back to get the bulk of the carries, there's just not enough carries to split between the two of them, are there?

The Chron's Terrance Harris has an article on senior receiver Danny Amendola and his unselfish play at his time at Texas Tech. Harris and Amendola on the position change this spring and fall:

So imagine his surprise this offseason when head coach Mike Leach approached him about taking a more prominent role in the Red Raiders' high-octane offense. Amendola shifted from the H to the Y receiver spot, which essentially means he's on the field for nearly every snap this season.

"That's exciting to me to be getting the ball more," Amendola said of his move to the position most closely associated with tight end. "I want to help the team as much as possible and put points on the board and everything. I'm excited for that."

A DTN reader emailed and requested an update on Texas Tech players on the NFL. I ran out of time last night before I was able to do a write-up, but I did find this link. Scroll down to Texas Tech and click on each player where you can find out whether or not there's been a transaction on each player. I'll try to put together something a little more comprehensive this weekend.

Big 12 Football:

DMN's Chip Brown extensively previews the Big 12. This is an excellent read as Brown looks back at 2006 and looks forward to 2007. This is the one where you go get the second cup of coffee, relax and read the whole thing.

Chip Brown is also reporting as to the four remaining candidates for Big 12 Commissioner.

SB Nation has introduced two new blogs: Alligator Army, a blog covering the Florida Gators, and Garnet and Black Attack, a blog covering the South Carolina Gamecocks.