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Big 12 Roundtable - The Face of the Team

Big 12 Roundtable - The Face of the Team

Crimson and Cream Machine is doing a weekly Big 12 Roundtable. I missed out last week due to laziness, but I'm ready for week 2.

Pick one current player to be the "Face of the Franchise" for your team. You can only select one player so tell us why you selected the person that you did.

I'll take the easy out here and pick Graham Harrell. Part of me wants to pick Michael Crabtree because I think he will eventually change the face of the program, but until then it's clearly Harrell. That being said, Harrell is the face of the program as it stands today. He is this team's leader on the field and I think he's matured into the type of player that is a leader off of the field. Great players are consistent players and that's the one item lacking from Harrell's game. If he can be consistently great, and I think he can, then the Colorado and Missouri and the TCU games will a part of his past. This is Harrell's 2nd year to start and returning quarterbacks are such a rarity at Texas Tech it will be an honor and a pleasure to watch Harrell be the face of the program for the next 2 years.

Tell us what makes your team's stadium great, traditions, facilities, etc.

The program has newly updated facilities which I think benefits the program, but to me, the most special part about the stadium, traditions or facilities is the crowd. I'm sure there's something unique about every crowd or fan base, there that's never been more true of Red Raider fans. I've always felt that we were all a little different, in a very unique way that makes us a little more vocal than other crowds.

Hypothetical - Your team has to vacate their current stadium and play a game in another Big 12 stadium which one would you pick for them to play in and why?

Kyle Field and Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. I've been to a number of A&M games and always appreciated the fan interaction. It's incredibly loud and may be one of the more difficult places to play in college football today.

While a student at UT, my little brother some how figured out a way to get a job working on the athletic fields, which meant that he watched the games from the endzone on the field. He's now graduated, but I was able to watch an A&M v. UT game from the field at DK Royal and it was an amazing experience.

Unthinkable - Take your team's biggest rival's head coach and make a case as to why he would be a good fit on your sideline.

I'd love to see what Mack Brown could recruit to West Texas. Much is made of how difficult it can be and I've contended that Mike Leach has done an amazing job of seriously upgrading the talent in Lubbock. That being said, I think it would be Mack's biggest recruiting challenge and if he could do it in Lubbock then he could do it anywhere. And yes, I choose Mack Brown because I just can't imagine Coach Fran in Lubbock, ever.

Prediction Time: Tell us who is going to win:

Baylor @ TCU: TCU
Colorado State @ Colorado: Colorado
Kent State @ Iowa State: Iowa State
Central Michigan @ Kansas:
Kansas State @ Auburn: Auburn
Missouri/Illinois: Missouri
Nevada @ Nebraska: Nebraska
North Texas @ Oklahoma: Oklahoma
Oklahoma State @ Georgia: Georgia
Arkansas State @ Texas: Texas
Montana State @ Texas A&M: Texas A&M
Texas Tech @ SMU: Wait until Friday.