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Texas Tech Red Raider Notes for 07-09-07

Texas Tech Blogosphere:

Disco Tech! and DTN had the inaugural Texas Tech Red Raider Roundtable. We're hoping to do this every 2 weeks or so. Make sure and check out Disco Tech! for their answers and DTN for my answers.

It's good to have another Texas Tech blog roaming these internets.

Scroll down or go here if you want to know who I am and why I'm blogging.

Texas Tech Football:

Take a few minutes and visit Raider Power, the Texas Tech affiliate. I don't have any affiliation with, I'm not on their payroll, however, I thought that they've done a good job of getting out some good information recently and they should be recognized.

First is an article from Mark Sparrow where he breaks down the 2006 Insight Bowl game and tries to determine whether or not additional blitzing caused the dramatic improvement of the defense in the second half. I like statistical comparisons so I thought this was really good stuff.

Next is the Raider Power recruiting board for both the offense and the defense. I really enjoy the recruiting process, however, I don't have the resources that and have. I will make an effort next fall to update statistics and game stories during the football season for Texas Tech commits, but I just don't have the time to do what they do and they already do it so well.

The only downside of and is that they aren't free and as I've said before, that's always been my biggest deterrent from joining up. Now having that type of access would probably drive me crazy, not being able to post paid material.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Make sure and check out my reactions of the three Texas Tech signees playing in last week's Global Games. Here were my reactions from Friday night when I went to the game and a review of the championship game played on Saturday night, complete with pictures of John Roberson, D'Walyn Roberts and Mike Singletary, and last but not least, a very special appearance by Florida Gator head coach Billy Donovan.