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Monday Morning Notes

Texas Tech University

The LAJ has a detailed number of stories detailing Texas Tech's 47th place finish in the U.S. Sports Academy Director's Cup. The showing is the best in Texas Tech's history and this is despite a less than stellar baseball season and women's basketball season. The LAJ has done an excellent job of detailing the following:

Texas Tech Football and the Big 12

Make sure and vote for your projected stats for Joe Garcia.

Dave Matter from the Columbia Tribune notes the exceptional returning linemen for the Big 12 and Louis Vasquez checks in at #10 (hat-tip Wizzard of Odds):

10. Louis Vasquez, offensive guard, Texas Tech: Steer clear of this Red Raider at the buffet line. The 6-foot-6, 351-pound left guard is the only returning starter along Tech's front five. Though he could count for two.

LSU's Less Miles talks a little trash about every conference other than the SEC, once again, hat-tip Wizzard of Odds.

Thank you to Burnt Orange Nation for giving us Miss Texas, Crystle Stewart.

Update [2007-7-2 7:43:29 by Seth C]:

I almost forgot a couple of items (it's early, give me a break).

Texas Tech Baseball

Texas Tech is expected to name Oregon State's Dan Spencer as a new assistant head coach.

Texas Tech Basketball

John Roberson, Mike Singletary and D'Walyn Roberts will play in this week's Global Games at SMU's Moody Coliseum.