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INSTANT REACTION: Texas Tech officially streaking

If you managed not to have a heart attack, celebrate Texas Tech completing the largest comeback in program history!

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I truly cannot believe what just happened. Besides the sheer magnitude of a comeback like this, Texas Tech could not have looked much worse in that first half and actually continued it well into the second half.

The turnaround was a complete 180, as suddenly Tech could defend all spots. Suddenly, The Red Raiders were attacking the rim at will drawing fouls and shooting FTs. Suddenly, Caleb Grill was face guarded into irrelevance.

There may be crazier things that have happened in college basketball, but a 23-point comeback to secure the first conference win is up there. They did this the Mark Adams way.

Iowa State would close the final 10 minutes of regulation with only a single made field goal. That total shutdown defense allowed Tech to scrap, claw, and fight their way back into the game. Still, Iowa State had several chances to ice this game.

And here is where the USA magic shined, as the Cyclones missed a few clutch free throws and more or less self-destructed against the Texas Tech press.

I could highlight every single player tonight, every guy had a role in this kind of comeback. Instead, I will just pick two guys who I really think showed out while again acknowledging that every single player gave 110% and were critical in getting this win.

Harmon had a bad first half, hell, it was really bad. But then, he found his jets. He attacked the rim over and over and over, forcing Iowa State to foul. On the defensive end he suddenly was Mr. Clamps as Grill could find nom separation as the Iowa State offense crumbled. Harmon takes a lot of heat, but you lose big without him tonight.

Mr. 2,000 himself, Kevin Obanor gets the next shoutout. Look, he missed a few free throws and missed a layup/bunny or two. But his three point shooting is coming along, and it was the difference. Plus, he iced the game late at the stripe and his scoring and threat of scoring allowed guys like Harmon and Tyson to find room to work.

Honorable mention: Everyone. But more specifically, Williams and Washington were unbelievably clutch tonight. But like I said, I could talk about Tyson and the dog in him just as easily.

The Red Raiders are officially on a winning streak. Who knows what is next, but in a momentum driven sport like basketball this could be a spark to not just finish respectably but finish STRONG.

Good teams win, great teams cover.