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Hub City Homers #45: The Air Raid is back in Lubbock and the tortillas will be flying

The offensive preview you’ve been dying to hear!

I apologize, I actually said this is the 44th episode but this is in fact the 45th. Problem with being an unedited podcast, we do make mistakes!

However, that blip aside we have an outstanding episode for everyone. If you have been wanting to hear about the new offense lead by Coach Kittley, we covered it all. We break down the QB battle, the Oline, the running backs, and the receivers. If it could score points on offense, or block, we talked about it.

The QB battle grabs all the attention, but do not sleep on the Oline being a critical position to watch for. That group has the most questions around it and will likely be the biggest deciding factor if the air raid can really fly in year one.

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