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Hub City Homers #44: Football season is finally in sight

We finish our NIL discussion, and start talking some football in the Hub City!

Sorry for the delay folks! We are still in vacation mode, and by vacation, I mean we all work and are enjoying the laxer recording schedule while the season has not arrived.

But we are back! And first we talk more about the NIL movement in Lubbock. We analyze the women’s basketball team NIL deal with Level 13, and then we talk about the concept of NIL in nonrevenue sports. We close our discussion analyzing how NIL will impact baseball.

Now, we get into the meat of the episode talking football. With the season right around the corner, we circle back to a discussion we have had before which is expectations and success in year one under Coach McGuire. Not just the wins and losses, but what on the field tangible stats and areas will determine success or failure of the season.

The season is right around the corner, and we are switching to football prep mode. Stay tuned for position breakdowns, opponent previews, the whole nine. Instead of dragging it out for content’s sake, we are going to attack this hard and in-depth without slow playing it.