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Hub City Homers #59: Cyclones in the cold

Texas Tech rallies to defeat Kansas, and heads to the brutally cold home of Iowa State to try and secure bowl eligibility.

So, first and foremost for those wondering “where is the basketball chat at??” that would be the end of the episode in this case. However, we will have a much more detailed episode specifically focused on Maui coming out this weekend to enjoy before the football game in the evening. So, if you’re in full basketball mode skip to around the third segment to start with that and be on the lookout for the Maui preview later this week!

In this episode, the guys talk about the wire-to-wire victory over Kansas. What went right for the offense, and what is up with all the big plays? They also talk about Tyree Wilson, who is almost certainly finished playing at Tech. Just giving some love to a guy who was both an outstanding player, teammate, and representative of the university.

After that, they pivot to the underperforming Cyclones. Despite boasting one of the nation's best defense, Iowa State’s offensive ineptitude has left them with one conference win and staring down the barrel of staying home for bowl season. How can Tech handle the brutal cold in Ames?

Lastly, Like I said at the top the guys close with a chat about basketball. Yes, the turnovers and it all are addressed. But we do not talk Maui, just chatting about what was seen against LaTech and how the team has looked so far. Once again, the look-ahead will be coming out this weekend!