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Hub City Homers #66: The tide may be turning

Time to continue stacking success on the hardwood.

The losing streak that seemingly lasted forever is finally at an end. Not only that, but after a gritty and frankly miraculous comeback against Iowa State, the good guys are on a winning streak of their own.

Next up is a date with a Baylor, a team who’s read hot shooting buried Tech in their first meeting. For a squad that might be starting to find a defensive identity playing small ball, defending the three-point line will be critical in that test.

Jack and Reed talk all things hardwood, including how the hell did Tech pull off that comeback? Seriously, Tech was dead to rights with about 10 minutes to play and out of nowhere just took off.

Seasons have turned on far less than an effort like followed by a long week of rest. In a momentum-based sport like basketball, that spark could ignite one hell of a run.

And to save their season despite being shorthanded, Tech needs to continue this surge against Baylor.