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BREAKING: Dru Baker drafted in fourth round

The standout left fielder was drafted with the 130th pick by the Tampa Bay Rays

Texas Tech Athletics

Dru Baker has been drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays with the 130th pick in the fourth round of the 2021 MLB Draft.

The primary leadoff man for the Red Raiders led the team in batting average and doubles in 2021. Baker had an above average year in 2021, hitting .343 with four homers and 32 RBIs along with 14 doubles. While both Cal Conley and Jace Jung rightfully drew most of the national attention, Dru Baker had a big breakout season. Besides his consistent work at the plate, Baker was a menace in the outfield. The sheer number of big catches that stopped the opposition cold he recorded was insane to watch. A leadoff man hitting .343 is exactly what any team could ask for, and the Rays organization will get to see first hand how talented Dru is as he develops in their pipeline.

Congratulations Dru on being drafted and good luck!