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Trash Talk Thursday: Frogs

Nobody is scared of a frog.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Some people hate Texas, others hate Baylor, and some hate everyone. I fall into category three, but I especially cannot stand Gary “Big Baby” Patterson. It would be an understatement to statement to say I have been looking forward to roasting the Horny Toads.

  1. The Horned Frogs are a dumb mascot, perhaps the worst animal mascot possible.
  2. Max Duggan is a running back.
  3. Gary Patterson is either whining or lying.
  4. How does TCU constantly have terrible uniforms?
  5. Imagine losing to SMU while playing for a. . . skillet? Dumb trophy.
  6. Might as well rename TCU to Texas Tech Fort Worth, as Red Raider fans always takeover when they are in town.
  7. Seriously, what kind of head coach cries after a loss like Gary does? Don’t even get me started on his lies about Tech.
  8. The Frog Horn is the most annoying post TD noise in the universe.
  9. They ran off their offensive coordinator to run an even worse offense.
  10. I know this is not being played in Cowtown, but can Tech plant a flag anyways?