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Hub City Homers #13: A new hope, maybe

Finally, the team gutted out a big win.

Last episode was easily the most depressing episode the team has ever had to do. This week, the guys can be cautiously optimistic! A big step forward from what looked like could be the end of all out hopes and dreams.

First the guys take some time to recap beating West Virginia in Morgantown, not an easy feat under any circumstances. The focus is on the new gunslinger, Henry Colombi. The guys dive deep on his game, can he sustain his success, and what do you do about Shough if Colombi keeps winning.

Then the guys pivot to TCU, where the Duggan slander was flying. TCU is bad at basically every aspect of football besides the run game, so the guys layout what tech has to do to keep the Horned Frogs on their heels for another week.

Lastly the guys give some high level thoughts to the new ceiling. One thing is for sure, the season rides and dies with this TCU game at night.