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Opinion: Texas Tech needs to embrace a rivalry with Oklahoma State

The Big 12 needs another rivalry to keep its eyes on: why not Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Since the Big 12 has existed, we’ve played witness to historic rivalries like Texas vs. Texas A&M, Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M, Kansas vs. Kansas State, Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State and probably the biggest rivalry in college football, Texas vs. Oklahoma. But lately, the only true sense of rivalry the Big 12 has seen recently is the Red River Shootout, so this begs the question: what two teams don’t like each other already across more than one sport, share similar attitudes in the Big 12 in the sense that they’re gritty and seen as “outlaws,” and one school just so happens to copy another’s hand signal? We did it first Oklahoma State, find your own signal.

Well, look no further than Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State. There always seems to be constant beef between both fanbases and whichever sport it is, both schools always battle it out. I think it’s a great opportunity for both schools to capitalize on actually having a rivalry with someone as Texas absolutely doesn’t want anything to do with Tech and the Bedlam Battle is hardly a rivalry. It also allows for ticket sales to increase and both programs can gain more national recognition. On the historical side of things, Texas Tech has played Oklahoma State 47 times and currently leads the series 23-21 with three ties.