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Tech misses opportunity to take advantage of wide-open Big 12 race

The top of the conference is not set in stone this year. A Tech win over Texas would’ve given this team a real chance at winning its first Big 12 championship.

Texas v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Imagine if Oklahoma AND Texas lost their conference openers.

If ever there were a year for a program to dethrone the Sooners and Longhorns, this would be the one. Who the hell looks like a champion out of this conference? K-State beat Oklahoma only after losing to a Sun Belt opponent the week before. OK State barely held on to beat Tulsa in its season opener. Baylor remains a question mark.

This was our chance, and we probably blew it.

The momentum Tech would’ve gathered after defeating Texas and the prospect of being in control of our own destiny would’ve propelled us to easy wins against Iowa State and West Virginia before meeting up with turnover-prone Spencer Rattler and the ghastly Oklahoma Sooners defense.

Texas v Texas Tech
All Tech needed was one stop or an onside kick recovery and this season would’ve been transformed entirely.
Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

This is so frustrating because I truly believe Tech could’ve won all four of those games.

But Matt Wells blew it and now this team is lacking confidence. If we can’t beat a team up 15 with three minutes left, adding onto the fact we narrowly beat an FCS team, the Red Raiders are probably feeling pretty bad about themselves two weeks into the season.

I think a hangover-type of performance is more probable than not against Iowa State, and if we lose that game, why the hell would we have the confidence to beat West Virginia the following week? Besides, under Matt Wells, Tech has been playing down to its opponents.

I’m frustrated. That Texas game changed the course of the entire season.

Here’s to another .500 season ceiling...