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Four down territory: Kansas State

4 takes heading into the Little Apple

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Four downs, four takes. I am basically positive I am stealing this article concept but I am a Red Raider so that seems fitting!

First Down - Stopping Deuce Vaughn

Kansas State is not a one trick pony per say, but they are pretty close to it. Deuce, a true freshmen, has been the primary weapon of the Wildcats. He has electric abilities, as demonstrated by his 77-yard catch and run against Oklahoma.

Stopping him is the name of the game on Saturday. If Kansas State can’t get production from Deuce, the offense will likely grind to a halt. The bright side for Tech is the linebackers are the strongest part of this defense. They are going to have to show it on Saturday.

Second Down - Feed Thompson

Thompson is the best back in the stable for Tech. His run against Texas was a thing of beauty, and he was putting defenders in the spin cycle all day. Thompson needs more touches than he gets.

Bowman has been terrible at throwing check downs or swings to running backs, but he has got to execute them better. Getting Thompson touches will help balance out an offense that is far too reliant on an inconsistent quarterback.

Third Down - Sacks will decide this game

Skyler Thompson is not exactly a track star, but he is very athletic and mobile. In a lot of ways, he is a poor man’s Ehlinger with better legs. What hurt Texas on Saturday and put Tech in a position to win was when the rush generated pressure.

Against Kansas State, the d-line has to get home. Patterson is completely dedicated to three down arrangement, which means the hogs in the trenches have to battle without a lot of help. Against Texas, Ehlinger struggled in the face of that rush once they started generating pressure. In those final god-awful three minutes, Ehlinger was unpressured and picked the secondary apart as he did earlier in the game. If Tech wants to win in Manhattan they must get to Skyler Thompson and put him on the turf.

Fourth Down - Drink of the week

Your go-to drink this weekend will be: Hot Buttered Rum.

It’s fall everybody, even if the weather has not quite turned in your neck of the woods. Here in H-Town, we are finally starting to get some cool days and my wife is going full speed into her fall mode. Enjoy a nice warm fall drink as you tune in for the Red Raiders to smash Kansas State.

See the recipe here: