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Opinion: this season won’t be like anything before so just accept it

Michael Macon gives his outlook on the 2020 football season

Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Sports are going to be a mess this year. As fans, we just need to accept that reality, and rejoice if any of our Red Raider teams are able to actually play a game. Normally during this time, with the season drawing tantalizingly closer, there would be an endless parade of lists and analysis of the coming year. Have no fear those articles are coming. But, before that I’m going to take inventory of what this year will be like and show that accepting certain realities is far more important.

If fans are allowed into the stadium at all, those chosen few must be ready for war.

Whatever the number of fans allowed into the stands, as long as it is more than zero there needs to be noise. If your number is called, gear up for battle. Drink copious amounts of liquor, put on so much black and red the colors can be seen from the space station, and never rest your voice.

There can be no quit this year, every fan has to take the place of three fans. I better have to turn my TV down because the crowd noise is so obnoxious.

The Aggies dodged Tech once again

Okay. . . not really, but I am choosing to be mad about this. Come on, here was the chance to get the whole band back together again. The SEC is at fault here and Hocutt was probably never going to schedule this game, but dang it I am still mad. My one true joy in life is watching the Aggies lose, and this was an opportunity missed.

Tailgating is going to suck

I have never been much of a tailgater, but to those who do it this is a lifestyle not an activity. This year tailgating is going to be a let-down. But, the beer is still cold, and the food is still greasy and incredible so wipe away those tears and suck it up!

There might be no fans allowed

This year may be the year without fans, but that is fine. Plenty of schools experience this regularly. Schools like TCU haven’t had fans in years, so all this is doing is evening the playing field. If there are no fans, expect ESPN and FOX to try a million gimmicks. They will all suck eggs, but appreciate their attempt and don’t be that guy who is whining.

If you want fans in the stand, wear your official Texas Tech themed face mask and social distance. Don’t be that fan who ruins it for everybody.

Lastly, let us pray to the football gods for a season to be played at all.

Oh great Replay Officials in the Sky,

We have suffered so much in this sportless wilderness.

The NBA is hardly a substitute for our Red Raiders taking the field so please,

Merciful Deciders of What Actually is a Catch,

May this Season be full length and full of joy. We Red Raider fans no better than to ask for wins,

So please, just let the losses not be a soul-crushing as last year.