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A full list of the Texas Tech players drafted in the MLB Draft

There were 7 current Red Raiders selected in the MLB Draft this year.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Arkansas vs Texas Tech Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB Draft has come and gone and 7 current Texas Tech Red Raiders have been selected in this season’s draft. There are some that will have the option to chose school or go to the minors. Below, we will describe each selection and try to predict whether they come back to Lubbock or if they will sign and go to the pros.

Josh Jung - Round 1, Pick 8 - Texas Rangers

Jung has been the heart and soul of this team for not only this season, but for the last three. He almost immediately became one of the best hitters on the team and locked down the third base and short stop spot for this team, someone that Coach Tadlock has always been able to rely on. He’s hit .340 during his career with 29 home runs and 176 RBI. One thing Jung has gotten a great deal better at this season is drawing walks. He has driven 14 more walks this season than last and it has driven up his OBP this season, he has a career OBP of .455.

Prediction: Pros

Jung has a pick value of 5.3 Million Dollars. Need I say anymore? I will, the Rangers organization needs a solid third baseman, and Jung is the guy to fill that void. He will be in the Rangers’ starting lineup in no time.

Gabe Holt - Round 7, Pick 223 - Milwaukee Brewers

Holt has been the lead-off guy for the Red Raiders since his arrival in 2018. He has been a solid hitter at the plate, hitting .337 for his career. He has been a speed demon on the base paths, stealing 57 bases in his two seasons in Lubbock. Holt has made a transition in his career, starting off his freshman season at second base before moving to the outfield to open up a spot in the lineup for Brian Klein. The move was a little shaky at first but after having an off-season to really adjust to the position, Holt came back and proved that he was one of the best fielders on the team.

Prediction: Pros

It is not common for a sophomore to be draft eligible. Holt started high school a year late and is now 21 years of age which makes him draft eligible. I don’t foresee him coming back to Lubbock after this season, I believe that he could project up to a speedy outfielder at the MLB level if he continues to get better on the defensive side of the ball.

Caleb Kilian - Round 8, Pick 236 - San Francisco Giants

Everyone knows how good Kilian has been of late for this team. He has re-cemented himself as this team’s best pitcher after a shaky start to the season. He has been a solid pitcher in his entire 3 year career at Texas Tech. He has accumulated a 23-6 record with an ERA of 3.58, both very solid numbers. He has done a better job of not walking batters this season as his BB/K rate has gone from a 2.25 to a 4 this season. He has also increased his strikeout number by 63 to 72.

Prediction: Pros

Kilian almost went when he was taken in the later rounds of the draft last season. His pick has a value of 176,000 dollars but I believe that he will ask for more. I think that he will get his wish from the Giants who have a good amount to spend on draft picks. He’s been a great pitcher for the Red Raiders and now I believe he will be a good to great pitcher for a professional organization.

Taylor Floyd - Round 10, Pick 313 - Milwaukee Brewers

Floyd has been one of the best bullpen guys this season for the Red Raiders. In his first season at a division one school, he has been nothing but phenomenal. He’s compiled a 5-3 record this season and has pitched over 50 innings, recording 3 saves. He’s also struck out 78 batters while only walking 20. He has been the rock out of the bullpen when Coach Tadlock needs him.

Prediction: Pros

He’s about to turn 22 later in this year and I don’t see his draft prospects getting any better than they are now. He’s a 10th rounder, and his pick slot is worth 142,000 dollars, something I don’t see him walking away from.

John McMillon - Round 11, Pick 322 - Detroit Tigers

When McMillon was drafted a few years ago, some thought he might actually sign a contract straight out of high school. Red Raider fans are sure glad he didn’t as McMillon has had tons of different roles for this Red Raider ball club from designated hitter to starting pitcher to closer. Whatever Coach Tadlock and his staff have wanted McMillon to do, he has done it to the best of his ability. He hasn’t thrown as many innings as in years past this season, but is still considered one of the best throwers on this team.

Prediction: Pros

I don’t see McMillon getting better draft stock than now. I’m honestly not sure where he projects to be on a professional level, but whatever he does, I’m sure he’ll be good enough at to make it to the majors one day. He has a great arm, and that is one of the main reasons I think he goes now instead of after his senior season.

Caleb Freeman - Round 15, Pick 440 - Chicago White Sox

Freeman has honestly had a down year compared to last year, but has still been very effective. He hasn’t thrown many innings of work but I believe that may change with Super Regionals and potentially the College World Series coming up. He is still an effective reliever for this staff and I see him getting his name called this weekend against Oklahoma State.

Prediction: Pros

This was a tricky one. On one hand, he might be the premiere reliever for this team if he choses to stay which could bump his stock going into next year’s draft. But if he has another season like this one, he could completely destroy his draft stock. That is why I think he will make a safe bet on his future earning potential and go now to the minors.

Cam Warren - Round 22, Pick 654 - Cincinnati Reds

Warren has arguably been the best player for this team this season. I have no clue why he dropped this low except for the fact that this is only his second year starting and he is a senior and almost 24 years of age. He has been nothing if not clutch for this team time and time again this season and I could see him having a very successful career in baseball. Since he is a senior, I will not put a prediction for him.