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Speed is the name of the game with this football recruit

Athletes that balance track speed with football IQ are more valuable than gold.

Coach Wells has been busy this past week, and “wreck em” has erupted as a somewhat euphoric buzz word for Red Raider fans because it shows us a few things. 1) Wells is serious about recruiting and 2) Texas Tech is picking up momentum with prospective recruits - especially in Texas. This article will examine the three-star wide receiver from Cedar Hill, Texas: Quinshone “Quin” Bright.

In the Big 12 there is plenty of call for speed and versatility - two calling cards for Quin Bright. Although a listed wide receiver, Bright plays in multiple offensive formations that challenge him to take the ball from backfield. In the 2018 season he racked up 362 yards on 68 rush attempts. Six of those resulted in touchdowns. When he plays as a wide out he had an even more impressive average: 393 yards from 30 catches (13.1 yards per catch average).

Although not yet in his senior year, Coaches Wells, Yost, and Filani certainly expect a high ceiling. Currently 247 has Bright listed as the No. 605 overall prospect in the nation and 82nd overall player in Texas. Nothing that screams “blue blood” by any means, but culturally Texas Tech is becoming known as the athletic powerhouse that matures middle-of-the-pack athletes into legitimate professional prospects. The success that the athletic department has had this Spring isn’t lost on recruits. Bright may just be the next sensation.

Reviewing his tape exemplifies a few important attributes that Texas Tech is looking for: speed, route running, and vision. Bright, who aptly has a lightning bolt emoji in his Twitter handle, is a pinnacle of these. Currently he is recorded running a sub-4.5 40 yard dash and a sub-11 100m dash; in this year’s state track meet Bright helped lift his 4x100 relay team to a third place finish. In an interview he made it obvious that his agility would be the focal point of the two-way relationship between him and the Scarlet and Black.

“It is just a very good fit for my skill set. I’m very fast and they need guys who can move like me. I think there is an opportunity to come in and earn some early playing time with some of the guys they have currently.” - Quin Bright.

It has also been Texas Tech’s dedication to their recruits that pulls a number of athletes to the program. Bright spoke to this saying that he “had a lot of other offers, but in terms of coaches staying in touch with me, it was really Texas Tech showing me the most love.” Bright is sold on Texas Tech’s future and has admitted that he’s going to be a big recruiter for the Double T, very similar to current Red Raider Tazhawn Henry.

Quin Bright held 21 offers total including schools Arizona, Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado, Houston, Iowa State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Purdue, Utah, Washington State and others. Deciding to be all-in on Texas Tech is a big step not only for Bright but for the university, and we’re very excited to see him in 2020!