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Give the freshman the ball, why Tech should start Alan Bowman

It’s time for Kliff to make the move to a true freshman.....again.

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

For the first time in basically forever, the offense is a major issue for this football program. The biggest question mark is who trots out under center in NRG Stadium against Ole Miss.

Unlike the intense QB contest of Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes, where both QBs were proven talented gunslingers, this competition is between three big unknowns.

The horse I’m backing is the new guy on the block, Alan Bowman. The freshman has been on campus for awhile now, enrolling in the spring semester, but I am all in for this young gun to start.

Bowman is the best pure passer on the roster

McLane Carter and Jett Duffey both have serious questions about their accuracy and arm strength. Bowman does not have that concern. The kid has an absolute cannon, as demonstrated by that 53 yard deep ball strike in the Frisco Scrimmage.

He has the arm, and can make accurate throws. I will take that to the bank behind this offensive line. He will have time to make his reads, which should cover for his freshman experience level. For my QB this year, I want a guy that can stretch teams vertically on occasion and complete the easy stuff. Bowman checks both of those boxes. His mobility is an issue, but again he will have a much improved O-line protecting him. He should not spend his snaps running for his life.

The fact that Bowman is in the conversation to begin with

In just 7 months, Bowman has been able to actually get his name throw into the competition, this speaks to his intellect and ability. Kliff knows QBs, and the fact he is considering Bowman should be quite telling.

Bowman was a long shot at best to start when he got on campus, but he is showing Kingsbury - one of the games best quarterback coaches - he can ball. To me, that vote of confidence means this kid is for real.

Kliff can tailor this offense for Bowman to succeed

A true freshman likely will not have the entire offense mastered in 7 months, but Kliff is an offensive guru and can make this offense work for Bowman. Physically, Bowman has the best arm. Pair this with Kliff calling the plays, and the freshman woes will be minimized.

I am not concerned with a limited playbook for the QB. We have good backs, and a great offensive line. Kliff can get creative in the run game and let this kid’s ability shine in a simple offensive scheme for the first few weeks of the season.

That will be enough to produce scoring drives, and limit any growing pain mistakes. So give Bowman the ball, lets see what he is made of.