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Beyond the arc: Zhaire Smith continues to impress, and will Tech ever land five star?

Take in some news from the hardwood.

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Zhaire Smith to the Lakers?

Reportedly, the Los Angeles Lakers are very interested in Zhaire Smith. They would almost certainly have to trade up to get him, but the level of interest could spark their movement upwards.

Zhaire will excel wherever he goes, but it is heartening to know that NBA organizations are as impressed with Smith as we all were.

Kevin McCullar is in town

The four-star athlete took his official visit to Lubbock, starting Wednesday. McCullar is a top priority for Beard and company.

The plus side of these visits is head coach Chris Beard has been able to blow recruits away once they get to Lubbock. He can sell his vision to these talented recruits well. A lot of tough competition remains for the Tech legacy, but trust in Beard to get the job done.

Will Texas Tech ever land a five star recruit, and should we care?

Until Beard arrived with his recruiting swagger, many fans bemoaned the lack of talent coming in to the basketball program. Beard has now landed the best recruit in program history, and loads of top flight recruits. He has even snagged some of the best grad transfers available.

However, will Texas Tech as a program ever take the next step to getting that elusive five star super recruit? And really, is it so bad if it never happens?

I would not count Beard out, but the odds are low. Lubbock is isolated, and Tech lacks the tradition of so many great basketball programs that compete for these players. In time, Tech could get there but it takes years of success to build that kind of brand.

That being said, I don’t think we should be worried. Beard has proven he can get the most out of his talent. He turned Zhaire Smith into one of the most electric players in the country. With last season’s Elite Eight run, Beard has already proven his system will get results.

Five star athletes can change a program, but Zhaire did that as a three star recruit. Development is the key to success. Our seniors proved that this year.

One day maybe Tech will be on top of the recruiting world, but until then, trust the process. Beard will get talent, and his coaching will get these young men to the next level. They might not have all the stars in their recruiting bio, but Beard will teach them to win.