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Matador Mailbag: Exciting times for Red Raider baseball

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We actually made it back to the College World Series.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Florida vs Texas Tech Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This Texas Tech baseball team may be my favorite of all of them. After losing the Steven Gingery for the season in the very first week, many people could’ve written the team off. There’s no doubt this season was a long one, but I am so pumped and excited to be back in the College World Series.

Being back in Omaha for the third time in five years also solidifies, just how dominant this program has become. With Tim Tadlock at the helm, we are winning games, getting top recruits, and getting high MLB draft selections. This is a fantastic time to be a Red Raider baseball fan.

I, admittedly, am not the biggest college baseball fan. I truly didn’t start watching college baseball till five years ago (when Tech went to their first college world series). However what I love more than college baseball, or sports whatsoever for that matter, is watching fans of other team cry.

Oh TexAgs, always good for a laugh. I drink Aggie tears during breakfast. Keep up the good work Tadlock, not just for me or the team but so we can keep getting misguided hate like this, it’s delightful.

I’ll take all of them for 500, Jacob. I’ve always been a “get your money while you can” guy and that’s not stopping now. Fact is, if you’re selected in the first 10 rounds of the MLB draft you’d be a dummy not to go. It usually means the organization sees potential in you and wants to pursue it. Tech had four players selected in the first 10 rounds, all underclassmen. The next four selections all happened between the 14th and 23rd round, again all underclassmen. Finally, three senior pitchers were selected to round out. If the underclassmen were selected closer to the 30th round then I do believe there would be a possible return, but the fact is that most of the underclassmen’s opportunity is too good and even a guy like Cody Farhat who was picked in the 23rd round who could possibly use another year, won’t see his stock rise much and would come back to a depleted team. I doubt any of the 11 guys come back, nor should they. Go get your coin.

After the second game of the Lubbock Super Regional, Tim Tadlock and Duke Head Coach Chris Pollard seemed to get in a war of words as they headed off the field. I think Tadlock didn’t appreciate the way Duke’s team was showboating while up 10 runs, and I’m sure Tadlock had a problem with Pollard challenging a run while also being up 10 runs. It seems as if there was an unwritten baseball rule violated and Tadlock had to check Pollard on it. Other than that, it seemed as if both men went to get ready for game three and Pollard’s team wasn’t able to showboat much the next day.

I’m going to throw out the fact that we’re in the prime of baseball season, because that’s an unfair advantage. That being said, I’m still bailing out Tadlock first. Tadlock has brought the Red Raider baseball program to new heights and legitimately has the rest of the Big 12 on their toes. Next would be Chris Beard, if Beard can consistently bring Texas Tech basketball to the level Tadlock has in baseball, then he automatically becomes number one because basketball makes more money, and I like basketball more (my mailbag, my order). Last and most assuredly least, I’d get Kingsbury, but I’d let him sit in the cell for a little but and think about what he’s done (Dead last in conference recruiting? Really?).

Baylor- Lone Star. No one drinks Lone Star.

Kansas- Guinness. Great if you love stouts, if you’d rather drink any other type of beer, it’s pretty terrible.

Kansas State- Michelob Ultra. Decent beer, low carbs and consistently good and good for you. Always seems to be there when all the other beers disappear.

Oklahoma- Budweiser. Is also everywhere, but is decent. You hate that you can tolerate and respect it, but wouldn’t say it out in public.

Oklahoma State- Bud light. A watered down version of every other beer here.

TCU- Pabst Blue Ribbon. At least it’s better than Lone Star.

Texas- Miller Lite. Is in every commercial and you see it everywhere but you have no idea why people drink/like it.

Texas Tech- Coors Light. The consistently affordable yet still tasty beer. Not everyone is going to like it, but that’s because they’re pansies and wouldn’t know good beer if it hit them in the mouth. Are there better options out there? Sure, but we’re at a gas station so we’re obviously not here for better options.

West Virginia- Samuel Adams. Pretty good beer, but you and I both know it doesn’t belong.

Let me know how wrong I was in the comments, and send in your questions next time.