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“Best throw I have ever seen”

Jon Gruden raves over Patrick Mahomes’ arm talent

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II arrived in Orlando yesterday to join in as part of ESPN’s annual Jon Gruden’s QB Camp.

Mahomes sat down with one of the greatest offensive minds of our time, Jon Gruden, to answers some questions and talk about his style of play. Gruden brought up Mahomes’ baseball experience of being drafted by the Detroit Tigers out of high school and also growing up as the son of a major leaguer. Mahomes reiterated his love and dedication to football.

Gruden described Mahomes as a gunslinger. He didn’t question Mahomes confidence or leadership. He also said Mahomes’ throw against Louisiana Tech was at the top of his list in terms of all-time throws running to your left.

However, you can tell when dissecting film Gruden calls Mahomes out on his decision-making. He admired how Mahomes can cut loose with his powerful arm, but he talked about how he needs to improve communicating verbally and getting more comfortable under center.

Gruden went on to say his passion, work ethic and energy is unparalleled. He also said how interesting and tremendously talented his big league arm could be in the pros. Nevertheless, there is a very real concern with being consistent in the NFL.

With the draft just 37 days away, Mahomes is becoming a more appealing option than the day before and is trending toward becoming a first round choice.

Check out some of the highlights here: