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Monday Morning Matador 3.20.17

Baseball continues to shine, potential Mahomes destinations, and much more

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Coastal Carolina vs Texas Tech Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

While everyone else is wastefully spending their time concerned with trivial things such as “March Madness” and “Successful basketball programs” we Texas Tech fans are focused on the stuff that really matters, like the powerhouse baseball school developing before our eyes.

Yes, Texas Tech should henceforth only be referred to as a baseball school, as the Red Raiders have climbed to No. 3 in the national rankings after a series sweep of the Longhorns in Austin.

On the NFL front, Patrick Mahomes is set to work out for TV’s favorite coach at Gruden’s Camp today. What’s the over/under on how many times Gruden uses the word “cannon” when describing Mahomes’ arm? It can’t be more than the amount of times he says “I like this kid.”

Back in Lubbock, A-J Media sat down with the interesting, intense strength and conditioning coach, Rusty Whitt for a compelling Q&A session.

Let’s talk personnel: How big of an impact can Octavious Morgan have on the Red Raider defense this season?

Now that the New Orleans Saints have an extra pick after the Brandin Cooks trade, could Sean Payton draft the successor to Drew Brees in Patrick Mahomes with the No. 32 overall pick?

Speaking of replacing a veteran quarterback with Mahomes, our friends at Arrowhead Pride discussed the possibility of taking the Tech quarterback to groom him for life after Alex Smith.

That’s all for this week, everyone. Enjoy the first day of Spring, and don’t concern yourself with all the NCAA basketball talk you’ll hear in class or at the water cooler. You’re above such nonsense and frivolity. Basketball is so six months ago. It’s all about baseball season now, fam.