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The Air Raid Podcast: Festivus Edition

Airing of the Grievances


Nothing but fun here folks. Well... mostly. Nothing terribly urgent with regards to Tech sports. Just things that have bugged us over the last year and it's time to vent to start the New Year fresh!

Editor Emeritus Hunter Cooke rejoins the Air Raid for this very special podcast to continue his bromance with Current Editor-In-Chief, Kyle Jacobson. It's all great fun and even some great intro songs for the both of them for good measure. (It's almost as if they are signing to each other)

So you if you want 30 min of escapism followed by 30 min of politics... it's our Christmas gift to you.

Air your own grievances in the comments and let's try to make 2017 better than 2016. For everybody...

Especially Tech Football. Haha jk. We love you Coach Kingsbury!