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Texas Tech Offensive Grades: Texas

The Red Raiders fell to 4-5 against the rival Longhorns this weekend. Let's see how the offense did.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

For the second week in a row, Texas Tech's offense did not play as well as they are capable of playing based on what most of us are accustomed to seeing. Patrick Mahomes missed on throws and didn't seem like himself, the running game was solid but failed to produce big plays, receivers dropped passes, and the offensive line struggled to protect Mahomes again at times. The biggest knock I have against the offense is that they failed to score on possessions after the defense made stops. Another touchdown or two and Tech might have won this game.

Overall Grade: C

The defense gave the offense plenty of chances to increase the lead and take control of the game, but they failed to do so. Two turnovers and missed opportunities ultimately lead to the Longhorns taking control in the third quarter and winning this one. If they want this grade to be higher, I need to see the offense score when the defense forces a 3 and out or a turnover.

Quarterback Grade: C-

Two consecutive weeks, Patrick Mahomes has not looked like the Heisman Trophy caliber QB he had been in the beginning of the season. While he did go 36/59 for 367 yards and threw three touchdowns, he also missed throws and threw a terrible game-ending interception. I do think Texas made some solid defensive adjustments in the second half and that was a reason I believe Pat and the offense struggled after halftime.

Running Backs Grade: C

Da'Leon Ward had a solid day, but didn't produce any exciting plays. He carried the ball 22 times for 93 yards and ran for one touchdown. He also had four catches for 32 yards. Justin Stockton was again held in check with only 14 yards as he continues to disappear in this offense. I like the idea Kingsbury wants to establish the running game more, but I need to see better results to raise my grade of this group.

Wide Receivers Grade: C-

Tech did not have a receiver go over 100 yards for the second game in a row. Dylan Cantrell led the way with eight catches for 89 yards. Cameron Batson had only 38 yards but scored twice. Jonathan Giles also added a touchdown of his own. Why does this group get a minus, because Derrick Willies fumbled the ball as Tech was mounting a potential scoring drive. Had that fumble not happened, they probably would have scored and the outcome might have been different. With a suspect defense, you need to take advantage of every offensive possession, which includes taking care of the football.

Offensive Line Grade: C-

Again I saw the same performance as I have all season from this group. Mahomes was having to run around a lot and play "streetball" for most of the game. He has to make things happen on the fly. He was sacked three times and one time was on a critical 4th down play in the final minutes. I hope the young talent on this o-line continues to develop, because you have to be able to protect your quarterback, especially one as talented as Patrick Mahomes.

Overall Texas Tech needs to play better on offense than they have the previous two weeks. This team needs to win two of their last three games to be bowl eligible and I don't believe they will if the offense continues to perform like this. Check back next Monday as I hand out grades from the Oklahoma State game!