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Immediate Reaction: Texas Tech vs Texas

Texas outlasts Texas Tech 45-37

Texas v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Douglas Coleman is coming up huge for this Texas Tech defense

In two straight games he’s come up with a huge turnover down by the goal line to keep the opponent from scoring. This time against Texas he returns the strip 101 yards for a Red Raider touchdown. On the very next play from scrimmage, Coleman is in the backfield tackling Buechele for no gain. He had some really good pass breakups as well.

Too many missed opportunities

Give credit to Texas for making adjustments, but from the end of the 1st on, Tech’s offense looked completely contained. It’s been an ongoing problem for Tech the last few years that when the defense does make stops, the offense can’t capitalize. Tech has to find away to turn at least one of those stops into points. Tech had several chances in the 2nd quarter to extend the lead to 30-14 but stalled after a defensive stop and ended up going into halftime down 24-23. Tech had another opportunity in the 4th, but were forced to punt after a 3 & out.

Say what you want about this Defense but they didn’t quit

Too many people want to attribute “effort” to “success” and though it is a part of it, it isn’t the end all be all. It can’t be that a well executed play for the Tech offense is all about how great we are, but the same for the other team means we have a horrible defense. Johnson and Ward getting a late turnover in the 4th to give Tech a chance and two more consecutive stops after that turnover, shows just how hard this depleted defense is fighting down the stretch this season.

Da’Leon Ward is going to be special

In this type of offense, the running back’s stats largely go overlooked when you name isn’t Morris, Henderson or Washington. But true freshman Da’Leon Ward is a hard runner and will get more and more opportunities as he matures and gains the confidence of Kingsbury.