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Media Recap - Week 12

Kliff Kingsbury met with the media in the most anticipated Monday presser of the year. Patrick Mahomes and Justis Nelson followed him to talk about last weekend and the upcoming season finale.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Following one of the worst losses in his tenure at Texas Tech, head coach Kliff Kingsbury met with the media to address many questions surrounding the team’s and his future. Kliff opened with a statement for the first time all year.

Here is one thing I would like to address, and then the rest of the press conference, including quotes from Patrick Mahomes and Justis Nelson, will be shown via tweets from people that were there.

  • Someone asked Kliff about moving into a CEO-type role and handing over the offensive play calling. He said he would address that in the off-season. I think it is absurd to be honest. I honestly don’t understand how anyone could think this is a realistic and good answer. Kliff’s offenses have been at the top of the NCAA since he took over at Houston, and two bad games of stagnant offense (West Virginia and Iowa State) don’t change the fact that he’s an offensive genius and there isn’t another person that can be hired to call a better game than him and develop QB talent. Mike Leach has always been considered an offensive genius, but do you remember when we scored three points against TCU, or six against Colorado? His offense had bad games too. As long as Kliff is at Tech, he needs to call the offensive plays.