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Five Thoughts on Texas Tech’s 66-10 Loss to Iowa State

What in the world was that?

Texas Tech v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images


Texas Tech is eliminated from bowl contention with their seventh loss of the season. Many believed much earlier on in the season that this wasn’t a bowl team, but now it’s official.

What fans seem to miss about this isn’t the significance of a weak bowl game against a 6-6 opponent - nobody really cares about that - it’s the extra month of practice that non-bowl teams don’t get to take advantage of. Texas Tech clearly needs the extra practice.


After frustrating (but much closer) losses this season, many began speculating about how long Kingsbury could keep his job given the down season. Was he owed at least one more year to show improvement? Is his buyout too large? Who would replace him? Well, after today’s embarrassment, all those questions are back in play.


Patrick Mahomes took a shot to his left shoulder on a carry in in the 1st quarter. He left the field briefly before returning. He injured his right shoulder earlier this season and has also battled a minor thumb injury in addition to wearing a knee brace from an injury in 2015. He’s been banged up throughout his career at Texas Tech. The potential for injury could be a huge factor in his decision to leave early for the NFL or not (assuming after these last few poor performances there is any interest from the NFL).


It was terrible. Through the first half, I don’t think we had a single run play go for more than 7 yards. Mahomes ran for his life as usual, even when the Cyclones only rushed four defenders. Maybe Mahomes left the pocket too early on some plays, but it’s obviously much more difficult to throw on the run, especially when the defense can still drop seven guys into coverage and get pressure on the quarterback.


It also wasn’t good. It wasn’t given any help in terms of the offense turning the ball over and going three and out before punting it to midfield, giving Iowa State excellent field position. But on 3rd and long, with a chance to get off the field, the Cyclones consistently converted and turned their possessions into points. The game was pretty much over by the 2nd quarter. The defense forced a couple punts to start the second half, but it was way too little way too late. When the backup quarterback runs for 5 touchdowns and 10 yards per carry, something has gone horribly wrong.

Overall it was a terrible, good for nothing day. Texas Tech faces Baylor on Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) to end their season.