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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: Texas Tech vs. Iowa State

Follow along with us during today’s matchup...

Folks, it’s gameday! And there is quite a bit on the line for Texas Tech. Not only are they up against the ropes in terms of bowl eligibility, needing to win each of their last two games to qualify, but they’re in some serious need of momentum as well.

After two straight losses in the final minutes against Texas and Oklahoma State, Texas Tech also lost three more team members this week, piling onto the steady stream of attrition in recent months.

Put simply, Tech could really use a win.

Kickoff is at 2:30 on FS1, and the weather forecast in Ames is cold and windy, which should be a factor.

If you missed any of our coverage leading up to the game this week, we asked an Iowa State writer his thoughts on the game and as a staff here at VTM, made our own predictions.

And if Texas Tech does lose today, at least basketball season is officially here.

Give us your hot takes, readers! We want predictions before kickoff, in-game commentary, analysis, etc. Have at it in the comments and keep it civil like y’all always do. Guns up!