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Texas Tech Wide Receiver Preview

Conner continues the Red Raider position preview with his entry on the wide receivers.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

We have almost crossed the finish line with our positional previews. Today we will go over one of the Red Raiders historically strong positions, wide receiver. Next week, in lieu of the positional preview, there will be a Big 12 Baseball Tournament Preview. The following week we will wrap up this series with the biggest enigma on the team, the quarterback position.

Key Thought:

When you think of great Texas Tech receivers who do you think of first? Wes Welker? Eric Ward? Danny Amendola? Michael Crabtree? Someone else? The Red Raiders have had no shortage of high-profile receivers throughout the years. With twelve receivers currently on the roster, odds are that one of them will be Tech’s next stud receiver.

Depth Chart:

Has yet to be released. Tech has a gaggle of talent at the position. Jakeem Grant, Ian Sadler, Devin Lauderdale are my favorites on the roster.

Notable Additions:

Coach Kingsbury and company did a great job recruiting wide receivers this year. There will be six young men that will now be looking to continue the esteemed tradition of being a Texas Tech wide receiver. No wide receiver was less than a three star prospect. The four star recruits include J.F. Thomas of Dallas, TX, Keke Coutee of Lufkin, TX, and Tony Brown of La Miranda, California. The three star recruits include Jonathon Giles of Missouri City, TX, Quan Shorts of Humble, TX, and Donta Thompson of Ennis, TX.

Bottom Line:

Don’t drop the ball, both literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, it’s obvious what I mean by don’t drop the ball. As a spectator, nothing is more maddening than see a wide-open receiver have the ball drop a perfect pass. In regards to the figurative sense, Tech receivers have an incredible tradition of excellence. No group of young men wants to be remembered as the tradition "breakers". This is a solid group of players, and we should expect the tradition to live on this year.

I hope had a great Mother’s Day weekend. I know I got to enjoy the day with my Mom. She is a member of the December 1983 class, and a huge Red Raider football fan! Thanks for reading and Guns Up!